OPINION: Youths, look inwards first! 


By Olansile Ajetunmobi Umar (OAU)

With my little experience, learning and different encounters with different people offline and online, I have got to know that the challenges that face the 21st century youths are in layers like a masquerade ‘s cloth. Out of these stratified challenges, I identify four most important and relevant ones. Then, I put forth some recommendations that I think will be helpful to anyone interested in this piece. Now, here are some of the challenges facing us today 👉👉👉👇👇👇
👉 Unemployment, unemployability and underemployment
👉 Ignorance (despite being literates)
👉 Time mismanagement
👉 Spending money on frivolities.

ONE : Unemployment, unemployability and underemployment
👉 Let passion and interest be your driving forces before you go for that course in any higher institution of learning.

👉 Learn skills that can fetch you money aside your monthly pay (if there is any).

👉 Identify your strength and work more on how to be better or the best in it. From there, learn how to turn opportunities into financial dependence.

👉 Know that employability goes beyond the “four-walls-of-the-class” mentality! Yes, your academic record should be superb ; however, many employers now yearn for those special skills you can offer them when employed. Start growing now!

👉 Humility opens many doors of / to success. Why are you now feeling too proud? Oh, you now have B.Sc., B.A., Msc. or M.A.? And so what? Your employers don’t have interest in hiring someone who is always full of himself or herself. Pride should never be mistaken for excellence ooo!

👉 If you have not been building network of friends and acquaintances, please start now. Keep contacts! I have got a lot of opportunities from both friends and acquaintances. A time will come when we will all need one another, note that!

TWO : Ignorance (despite being literates)
👉  Seek knowledge and continue seeking! Knowledge comes first before money making. A tailor makes money because he or she has the knowledge of tailoring. So, you also need knowledge before you can make cool cash.

👉 Leave your comfort zones for places where people challenge your intellectual prowess! When people challenge your shallow knowledge, it’s a signal for you to go learn and prepare more. Knowledge is like a sea ; the more you go, the farther you see.

THREE :Time mismanagement
👉 Stop wasting that limited time on irrelevances. Have you forgotten that time nah money? Let your 24 hours count, dear!

👉 If you have no plan for someone or something in a day, learn to always say YES or NO to fire brigade approaches. However, don’t turn a deaf ear to some necessary fire brigade approaches!

👉 Don’t remain idle for a long time in a day! Psychologically, it’s been proven that the more you are idle, the more you think about old memories (negative or positive).

👉 Don’t waste too much time ‘gisting’ and hanging out ; before the twinkling of an eye, you have spent hours gaining nothing.

👉 Develop a time schedule for your activities in a day! Mmmmm?

FOUR : Spending money on frivolities
👉 If a mobile phone of #35,000 will do a perfect job you need, you don’t need to go for a phone of #135,000. You don’t need to “be among” or prove a point to someone who doesn’t even care about you. You don’t need any class rivalry, I tell you! Learn to save ahead of raining days!

👉 Oh boy, you collect 10k pocket money every month (if at all it’s even constant), yet, one artificially packaged crush demands close to 15k in a month, have you become a good Samaritan? Have sense (sorry for bring harsh)!

👉 Start investing no matter how small! Starting with a penny might one day give you a pound. Think twice before you join the group of the spendthrift!

Òrò mi ò lópin ooooo….
Anyways, thanks for READING!