(Opinion 1) Who are Pilferers? By Oloruntoyin Seun-Aribikola

Kitchen pilferers. Now we know who steals meal!

By Oloruntoyin Seun-Aribikola

Being pumped about a legit acquisition of a gadget, especially for a most anticipated and desired one is like getting the keys to paradise.

This kind of excitement cannot be contained easily I though in my widest dream and imagination. Kanipe, the inimical flash acts of PILFERERS comes to mind, I would have adjusted my bottle to watch very clearly even beyond under my bottle’. Then I will realize that the fear of PILFERERS is the beginning of getting some smartness sense.

Who are these PILFERERS? Well, exactly what you may be thinking. They are ‘bad’ people. They are heartless. They never listen to the law of their conscience. They are THIEVES. They find delight in stealing what does not belong to them. They pickpockets. They cause bitterness in the hearts of genuine hustlers who suffered to acquire a gadget or any asset. They do only ‘pick’ gadgets, they as well steal anything in their widest dream they couldn’t or could afford. The list is endless and you can add whatever comes to mind about them.

Sometimes, PILFERERS act like a spirit but they are not. They are only smart in the negative way.

PILFERERS are males. They are females. They are everywhere for you to beware. They are individuals that do not care about what the rightful owner feels about their dreadful acts. They rejoice without remorse on ‘successful’ trials and operations at the detriment of their victims.

I have encountered them several times and my gadgets have been successfully pilfered for about three consecutive times I can remember. First, my tablet. Second, two smart phones. Third, another smart phone. Fourth, an unsuccessful attempt. How did I feel about these? Your guess is probably as right as I felt.

Are you thinking haha ‘se iwo nikan ni? Are you the only one?] Of course Not. I am not kuku the only one. Just as bad as that there are plenty people who are victims of PILFERERS out there who do not have the opportunity to share their experiences in public and the moment they have this encounter, their life get stocked with Financial loss, emotional and psychological trauma, loss of life; to mention a few that come with PILFERERS cannot be erased easily.

I could still recall the phobia of having a motorcycle rode behind me. The trauma stayed for a very long time that I may not be able to ever forget such experience and no thanks to an encounter with a pilferer operating with a motorcycle also known as Okada. How about much more damage the inimical people may have caused their other victims? Terrible!

Should we now continue to allow PILFERERS perpetuate evil among innocent people going forward? Of course, it is a capital NO! Then how do we manage this situation did you say?

Personally, I think we should always be self-aware wherever we are especially in a public place either you are walking, in transit or driving. Do not allow any undefined closeness or clinginess by strange faces. Do not put mouth inside a conversation you are not invited. Be focused and stand alert.

Also, numbers represent security, do not always walk alone on a lonely path. Most importantly, the government shouldn’t sleep on letting Pilferers rob people on their hard earned resources. It is imperative to put in workable measures to secure the lives and properties of her citizens.

And just before I adjust my bottle to move forward, I will suggest that any Pilferer caught in the act should first be server with just A-TWO-RESETTING-SLAP before handing over to the Law Enforcement Agency because I neither support violence nor jungle justice.