Balancing Humanitarian activities and life sustainance especially if one isn’t financially bouyant?


By Atanda Abeeb “Lakwize” Olalekan

I have been considering this question recently when posed with the idea that you can’t give back to society if you are not financially buoyant.

According to research Humanitarian aid is material and logistic assistance to people who need help. It is usually short-term help until the long-term help from the government and other institutions replaces it.

Among the people in need are the homeless, refugees, and victims of natural disasters, wars, and famines. It’s not an easy task to do all these without being financially buoyant but we have alot of ways to give back to society even if you don’t have a dime such as saving of materials.

Throwaway items can sometimes help others, your cloth that did not size you anymore can be donated to little kids around you that are not really have anything to wear and they will be happy the purpose of humanity is to bring smiles to the faces of others.

Also through Volunteer: Without being financially stable you can give back to society at least if you can’t spare a dime you should be able to spare your time. I could remember that I joined the service by volunteering myself during the Precious Club Nigeria project in my area then. Whenever I saw them cleaning some gutters in the area, I’ll join them and we’ll do it together through that I feel fulfilled and happy that I’m becoming a humanitarian.

Be an expert: I’ll always advise my friends to get a skill first at all cost, through that you can also contribute to the development of your society by using your knowledge to help others or support the community program around you with that, you are already living your humanitarian dream.

The last part is fundraising: without being financial great, you can organize millions of naira programs to give back to the people such as empowerment but only with the help of those first aforementioned, You can’t just decide to raise funds from people you have not to show your contributions too.

You would have at least participate in some of the programs across so this will give people a very good review about you and believe in your dream especially if your accountability is sincere and trustworthy.

Atanda Abeeb Olalekan popular known as “Lakwize” is a student of Crestified college of education, School of Art and Social sciences, Department of Political Science and English Language. He is known for exceptional leadership skills. Lakwize is a member of various humanities group such as Rotaract Club of Nigeria, Precious Club of Nigeria and also a well-known as active member of Federation of Iwoland Student’s Union.

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