In Love, Everything Is Major By Keem Tunde


What is minor to you may not be minor to your partner.

Recently, a lover took to Twitter asking for advise inorder to save his relationship. He had forgotten her birthday. And she wasn’t taking it lightly.

As expected, there are many for and against; those who believe the girl has the rights to call it quit vs those who believe the boy hasn’t committed murder. It was just a birthday miss. Miss or Hit?

Is it enough to end the relationship?

Or, to ask appropriately, would I end my relationship because of it? No. First, we must put into consideration the amount of energy people put into celebrating their birthday; from photo shoots to reposting every single post that is about their day or the countdown to the ‘big day’.

To not find a lover’s message/wish or epistle is, to be honest, a big letdown.

But I do not take birthdays serious. Birthdays are reminders that you have been here long enough and old enough to die. Haha. Or maybe that you have achieved so many in little years. Whichever the coin faces, I still do not fancy birthdays. Maybe this why I was not bothered when my parents forgot my birthday. They didn’t say their until late in the day.

That is me. Whether or not my partner would go the length of a break up is what I don’t know. But I understand how much importance she puts into birthdays. Even her friends’ birthday. Like her, many people take note of the first caller. In most cases, the celebrant wants it to be their lover or parents. Not an ex, a wanna be boyfriend or hi-hi friend. To many, the earlier the birthday message the better. This, according to them, shows you had them in mind and you do not need Facebook’s reminder.

My lover would be livid should I forget her birthday. Whether or not she would want a break up is what I don’t know. To be candid, I don’t want to know because I have never missed it. Thankfully, we never really argue if I am the first or not. The most important thing is doing so before Facebook’s reminder. Mostly important, she wants to feel butterflies in her stomach again.

I think birthdays are what they are, dates. This is how we hold time. At the end, our whole existence is summed into from XX years to XX years. So, let those who wish to celebrate the years between do. And if you are so dear to them, you must respect what they value.

This post first appeared on MEdium