Soul City Music welcomes Max Marshall to label

Max Marshall

Soul City Music Co-op, an artist-owned music label has announced Canadian musician and guitarist Max Marshall the new member of the label.

Soul City Music Co-op was launched January 1st, 2020 by Michael Hargreaves to connect and empower a community of hardworking songwriter-entrepreneurs in Windsor, Ontario.

​Unlike a traditional music label, Soul City Music Co-op owns no percentage of it’s associated artists and exists solely as a vehicle for each individual artist’s growth and success.

Welcoming the new artist to the label, in a press statement posted on their social media page, the label shared a picture of Marshall with a detailed caption of his profile.

Max Marshall has chosen finger-style acoustic guitar as his medium with a preference for folk/country blues/ragtime as his true musical purpose.

In a performance that extends from soft introspection to frenzied, bluesy, interpretations, Max Marshall gives audiences a heartfelt, personal performance, featuring a guitar style that is largely underexposed.

From Essex County, Canada’s southernmost point, fingerstyle guitarist Max Marshall has a passion for crafting songs out of stories from the vast palate of the Canadian folk Identity.

With country blues and ragtime influences, he delivers a heartfelt, personal performance that extends from soft introspection to frenzied bluesy interpretations featuring a largely underexposed style of acoustic guitar.