Oba Music’s Musical Journey: A Close Look at ‘Ninja’ from the ‘Love & Bless (LAB)’ EP

Oba Music
Oba Music

In the colorful world of music, where different cultures and talents come together, Oba Music shines as a standout artist.

Hailing from Imo State, Nigeria, Oba wears many hats – not just as a musician but also as the CEO of 4Life Records. His latest EP, “Love & Bless (LAB),” with seven tracks, lets us see his musical talent in full swing. One of the standout tracks is ‘Ninja,’ where Oba’s Ghanaian and Nigerian influences truly come to life.

Oba Music brings a piece of Nigeria into his music, having grown up in Imo State. But there’s more to Oba than just music – he’s also a successful Real Estate Mogul and the CEO of two major companies in Ghana. This mix of being a musician and a business person adds a lot of interesting layers to Oba’s story.

The ‘Love & Bless (LAB)’ EP:

Let’s dive into the EP – ‘Love & Bless (LAB).’ This collection of songs is like Oba’s canvas, where he paints his feelings and experiences. ‘Ninja,’ one of the EP’s songs, is a real standout. It takes you on a journey exploring love, blessings, and the mix of cultures that Oba holds dear.

Now, let’s talk about ‘Ninja.’ It’s like a mix of different beats and stories coming together. Oba’s voice in this song is like a guide, pulling you into a story.

The song combines sounds from Ghana and Nigeria, showing Oba’s background in a cool way. ‘Ninja’ is like a musical chameleon – it changes and leaves a strong feeling with you.

4Life Records and Oba’s Vision:

As the boss of 4Life Records, Oba Music is not just making music for himself. He’s creating a space for new talents to shine. It’s not just a record label; it’s a place where artists can be themselves and share their stories.

Oba’s vision goes beyond just making music; he wants to build a community where everyone’s voice matters.

In wrapping up this musical journey, Oba Music’s ‘Love & Bless (LAB)’ EP, especially ‘Ninja,’ shows us how much heart he puts into his music.

Being a Ghanaian-based Nigerian singer and CEO, Oba mixes his cultural roots with his musical talent. His journey as a Real Estate Mogul adds another layer to his story.

Through ‘Ninja’ and the entire ‘Love & Bless (LAB)’ EP, Oba invites us to not just listen but to take a simple, enjoyable ride through the beats and rhythms that make his music uniquely his own.