Oluwo reacts to claims of cleric who accuses him of attempting to sleep with his wife


The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has reacted to the claims of an Islam cleric, Sheikh Adio Imran who recently accused the traditional ruler of desperately wanting to sleep with his wife.

The Sheikh made this accusation during the just concluded Eid il Fitri celebration in Iwo, adding that it took everything in him to refuse the demand of the Iwo monarch.

In his reaction, the paramount ruler took to his Instagram page and lambasted the cleric. He said, “Aroba fin ni Oba npa !! I am bringing back the lost glory of the kings…. in my domain, if you are rude to the king !!

“I will take your Chieftancy title with me that falls under my jurisdiction and give it to your enemy !! you want to be enemy of the king ??? Your Chieftancy title will be your enemy too !! That’s the meaning of Aroba fin ni Oba npa in modern times…. back in the days, your head will be on a platter or giving to Ogun.

“If a king removes your title, all you need to do is prostrate and start begging and he may reconsider but not to lie against the king that the king wants to sleep with your Eleha wife (veil covered wife)”

Check the Instagram post here.