Cleric accuses Oluwo of attempting to sleep with his wife


An Islam cleric named Sheikh Adio Imran in Iwo, Osun State recently confronted the Oluwo of Iwoland and accused the traditional ruler of desperately wanting to sleep with his wife.

According to the sheikh, it took everything in him to refuse the demand of the Iwo leader.

The Sheikh made this accusation during the just concluded Eid il Fitri celebration in Iwo.

Sheikh Adio who was supposed to lead prayers at the event until things got into a heated and the cleric started confronting the Osun monarch, saying he is acting this way just because he wanted to sleep with his wife and he refused.

Sheikh Adio can be heard saying in the video ; “You wanted to have sex with my wife but I refused”

This traditional ruler had warned the people present at the mosque to go to other places to observe their prayers.

He suggested other mosques and went on to tarnish the image of the Sheikh. It was at this junction that the Sheikh became provoked. In an angry fit, he accused the Oluwo of doing what he did because he had refused to let his wife lay with him.

A huge commotion erupted due to the heavy accusation levied against the traditional ruler by the sheikh. Even the police was involved in the matter.

See the video below: