Nicki Minaj speaks on childhood domestic violence, her “abrasive” character, marriage


US Rap queen, singer and songwriter, Nicki Minaj has revealed that witnessing domestic violence from a young age is the reason for her ‘abrasive’ character.

The 35-year-old rap star has spoken candidly about the issue in her upcoming Queen documentary, revealing how her father’s behaviour towards her mother shaped her own personality.

A visibly emotional Nicki said: ‘I remember when my mother would let my father be violent with her, and she always brings up this story.’

Spreading her arms wide, she added: ‘As a little girl, I would stand in front of my mother, and go like this.

‘That’s why I’m like, maybe some people would describe me as abrasive, or b**chy or whatever, because I vowed from that age, no man would ever be with me and call me out my name, treat me like that … And then all of the sudden, that was my life.’

The controversial rapper, who was recently involved in a ugly brawl with Cardi B, also discussed her own abusive relationship, revealing how it caused her to lose self-confidence.

She said: ‘Who was I going to inspire when I had nothing in me to give? I let one human being make me so low, that I didn’t even remember who I was.

‘I was scared to get in the studio. I didn’t believe in myself.’

By contrast, Nicki – who is rumoured to be dating Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton – recently admitted that she is closer to marriage and having kids than people might think.

The rap star said she is eager to settle down and start a family in the near future.

She explained: ‘I’ve got to get married first, then I’ll have a child. I might be closer than people think actually.

‘I love children. I’m not going to put that off for much longer.’