Most upcoming artistes just want the flashy lifestyle, not music – Peter Okoye


Peter Okoye, one-half of Psquare, has lamented the “lack of passion” supposedly inherent in most upcoming artistes.

The singer/dancer said the flashy lifestyle put on display by established acts – including himself – is what draws young wannabes into the music industry.

He noted that several upcoming artistes will find it hard to perform for free, as was done by himself and his peers when they started out.

“Most of them don’t see the passion in it anymore. They just wanna go there because they have seen the likes of us making it big, living in good houses, driving big cars,” Okoye told HIP TV.

“Guys, it is beyond that. Music is passion. Some of them write me, send me their CDs and say they just want to blow.

“Trust me, it’s all about being real to yourself and telling yourself the truth. Am I here to impress people, make money and go? Am I here based on the passion?”

“When we started out, there was no money in the industry. We were doing it for the passion. If you don’t pay me, I’m still going to sing… I’m still going to dance.

“The question is: are you going to sing if you are not getting paid? That’s the real question for the upcoming musicians.”