Interview: Leaving my girlfriend for God’s work was most difficult decision I ever made – Afro Pop act, Gshems


    Over the years, we have seen upcoming Musicians survive the tide of moving from cradle to stardom. But only few have been able to weathered the blessings and the ills of stardom for longer period. Often time,musicians are always faced with the trouble of dealing with;divorce case in court, drug peddling, theft and sexual harassment cases.
    However, in an exclusive interview with The Regular News, a sensational Afro pop/RnB upcoming artist known for his stage name as ‘Gshems’ has stated vehemently that he has what it takes to outshine his contemporaries in space of few years. He also reiterated his confidence to manage stardom in a wise way when it finally comes.

    Can you introduce yourself?
    I am Taiwo Michael Olatunji. A graduate of Statistics from the University of Ilorin. My parents are from Ogun state, Ijebu Odogbolu to be precise. Professionally, I am an Afro-pop and alternative musician and also an entrepreneur.
    What influence your kind of music?
    Smiles! Well, my source of inspiration has always been God. And sometimes I draw my inspiration from the events happening in the society. Those are the two things that Influence my type of music.

    What biggest stage have you ever performed?

    Emmmmm (thinks deep before answering). For me it is the presence of God. Because there is no biggest stage other than God’s presence and putting smiles on peoples face in his Vineyard. And aside his presence, all other stages are smaller stages. (Laughs).

    Do you parents supports you career as a musician?

    At the very inception my mom supported me including my siblings. But my dad at the very beginning would chastised me for playing my guitar at home. As the first son, he actually wanted me to step into some other things other than music. But I am happy I was able to win his heart during one of the concert I hosted and he was overwhelmed to see me perform coupled with the cheers from the audience. Although, he is late now but he would always be proud of his son.

    What distinguished Gshems from other musicians out there?

    For me music has always been about the message and not the money nor fame. If I had set my goals on making music has a source of livelihood from day one I would have quitted. My music touches life and that is basically what makes me unique.
    Apart from music what do you do?

    I am an entrepreneur. I am into buying and selling of shoes and clothing.I am also working with a Talent Management company.

    How many songs have you recorded?

    I have recorded over twenty songs and I am still recording. I have done some collaborations with some upcoming musicians as well. Most time, i take the lead chorus .But for now,no major collaboration with any top musician. But I am optimistic that very soon , I will.

    What music producer do you dream of working with?

    This is a very big one. Without mincing words,I would love to work with Pheelz Mr Producer. I love his beats and almost everything about him. Although, there are host of other interesting producers but for me it would always be Pheelz.

    What is the most difficult decision of your life?

    I have made loads of difficult decisions but I think leaving my girlfriend back then in school basically for for God’s work. It was not really easy for me because she was just a part of me. Though, she thought I left her some other girl.

    Have you ever regret doing music?

    Never. For me music is life. It is a priceless gift. When I sing I feel everything around me is still. I feel at peace whenever I am recording. To be candid, there can never be any regret whatsoever

    Where do you see yourself in the next two years?

    Two years from now God’s willing my music would be heard worldwide. I could recollect i said it in one of my tracks that very soon I would be touring every city in the world.

    How do you intend to handle fame when it comes?

    For some people their motive for doing music is for the fame and money. And when that is the priority, it allows pride to usher in. So for me ,with God on my side handling fame should be one of those little things God would solve for Gshems. But sincerely,for one to remain relevant for long one need to be calm, prudent and humble enough to discern when to act, react and when to overlook certain things. Basically, with love in one’s heart handling fame should be quite easy.

    To you ,what is your opinion about death?

    Death!Death!Death! I believe everyone will die. Like the Yoruba adage that says ‘awaye maku Kan kosi'(there is no one that lives without dying). Death is a natural thing. At a point when I lost my dad,who happen to be everything to the family., it was like everything was all over. But I thank God for the journey so far and I am sure he would be happy where he is looking down on what I have achieved so far.


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