Illbliss speaks on eight year wait for a child


Nigerian Veteran rapper Illbliss also known as Oga Boss is finally speaking about being childless for eight years and how God finally came through for himself and his wife, Munachiso.

In an exclusive interview with PULSE, the emcee opened up about coping with childlessness and staying away from controversies.

He said that God finally came through for him and his wife at a time they were not sure what to do next.

“It was intense my wife and I were childless for eight years and God just did it for us and gave us a baby at a point when we didn’t even know what to do next. We didn’t know how it was going to happen, we didn’t know what the problem was, we were just optimistic and prayerful about it,” he said.

The rapper also spoke on how himself and his wife have managed to avoid controversies all the while.

“It’s going to off another decade you won’t find anything, God willing, I mind my business, go where I am loved. I stay away from trash, like, Bro they say its make-believe, they say fake it till you make it. I have told you things that mean everything to me. My family means everything, my business means everything to me and health means everything to me and above all God. That is what I’m focused on,” he said

Illbliss and Munachiso were blessed with a baby girl in 2017.