How songwriters, producers, others can get enough credits – Oba Music


Ghana based-Nigerian Afropop singer and songwriter Charles Chibuike Ejiobi popularly known as Oba Music has opened the eyes of musical creative’s on how they can step up their game in the music industry.

He explained the need to take cognizance of proper management without underestimating the relevance of legal advice and consultations.

“Songwriters and artist need to be acknowledged by all the industry players,” he revealed..

“The handwork of an artist becomes his intellectual property n therefore before the song is used for whatsoever activity, the consent of the artist ought to be sorted. By so doing the artist is motivated to write good and quality songs,” he added.

Charles Chibuike Ejiobi popularly known as Oba Music, is a music artist, songwriter, producer, business consultant, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. The singer is also the founder of 4Life Records and Teczo Links Limited Company.

Oba Music is from Orlu in Imo State but was born and grew up in Abia State. He started making music in his early days before transitioning into a music producer and other aspects of the music business. Oba Music is a genius when it comes to raising people as a philanthropist.

His music is a mix of African and Western sounds, combining traditional African rhythms with modern beats and melodies.

Oba Music is currently based in Ghana where he focused on running his real estate business but is also very passionate about music. He draws his inspiration from great musicians such as Bob Marley who infused his music with a sense of spirituality, and Fela Kuti.