Hailey Bieber’s request to Trademark Bieber Beauty rejected


If it seems like every celeb is starting their own beauty line, you’re not imagining things. In a year that’s already brought us news of possible launches from Kendall Jenner and Cardi B, Hailey Bieber had also reportedly filed for a “Bieber Beauty” trademark. Unfortunately, it looks as though the model might have to think of a new name for her possible line of cosmetics.

Following an April filing for the trademark, The Blast reports that Hailey’s application for a cosmetics line has been denied, because Justin Bieber (you know, legendary pop star and her husband) had filed for a “Bieber Beauty” trademark back in 2003. According to The Blast, the U.S. Patent & Trademark made the decision to decline Hailey’s application, noting the similarity in names could cause confusion among customers.

As The Blast points out, Justin was just nine years old at the time of his trademark, and like Hailey, he had reportedly intended to create a line of cosmetics that featured soaps, shampoos, and lotions. Nevertheless, this obstacle doesn’t mean a possible Hailey Bieber beauty line is out of the question; her filing for “Bieber Beauty” might have been rejected, but the model also previously trademarked her own name in October 2018.

Hailey’s line of cosmetics would be her solo debut into the beauty product world. In the past, she’s previously worked with a number of noted beauty brands, and serves as the face of bareMinerals. Reports of a possible cosmetic line were never confirmed by the model, but it would make sense given her knowledge of all things fashion and beauty.

It’s hard to say what new name Hailey might come up with, but she could always take a cue from her husband. Back in January, Justin launched a line of clothing called Drew House, which was inspired by the singer’s middle name. For what’s it worth, Rhode Beauty does have a nice ring to it.