Reactions troop in as INEC postpones elections


Nigerians on Social Media have reacted to the postponement of the Saturday’s presidential election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Recalled that INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, while addressing reporters at the press centre of the commission’s headquarters in Abuja, the nation’s Capital said that the polls would not go on as planned due to some challenges encountered by the commission.

He explained that the decision to postpone the polls followed a careful review of the implementation of the logistics and operational plans put in place for the exercise.

But reacting Nigerians expressed disappointment over the development.

@Ogbenidipo, “INEC had 4 years to plan for this election. Why is Nigeria so dysfunctional.

@Amandayt, “People travelled for 5 hours to go vote. Some travelled for longer hours and the election is postponed? O Lord, Nigeria needs deliverance.”

@Cj_xclusive, “This is simply an attempt to hinder a free and fair electoral process.

Why did #INEC wait until a few hours to the election before the announcement.

Seems like somebody is influencing them.”

@SavageNaija1, “INEC had four years to plan for this election. This is unacceptable!!!Why are we so incompetent in Nigeria.This is a big shame to us as a country in the eyes of the international community.”

@Funmi oyatogun, “You can love Nigeria, fight for it, work excruciatingly hard to solve a problem. But, when you are tired of it all, do not be afraid to choose sanity. When you have a wayward child who has sworn to destroy you, do not be afraid to disown it.”

@Ojinaco, “PDP is Ready for the Election, but Buhari, APC, in Collaboration with INEC, wants Elections Postponed. What a Failed APC govt.”

@Andymadaki, “Last time we blamed Presidency. I blame Presidency for putting the election budget in the supplementary budget. This time I also blame Presidency for being “unaware” as usual.I blame NASS for delaying the passing of the budget. I blame INEC for being such a mess with this.”

@Osi_suave, “The corp members who are sleeping in the open are the ones i feel for.Can adequate arrangements be made for their welfare and safety now pls. At least a place for them to sleep.”

@Jephphillips, “Prof Mahmoud should tender his resignation after this speech.Nonsense.”

@peebat, “The reality has dawn: am disappointed , this is gross incompetence by INEC. I knew something may happen when I saw heaps of election materials in INEC office on TV as at 5.00pm.”

@thekennydisu, “INEC postpones elections less than 4hours to kickoff. Let’s remember INEC had 4years to prepare and had over #200billion to ensure smooth elections. #NigeriaDecides2019.”

@Franklin Aggie, “The fact that the FG and INEC had 4 years to prepare for this election yet they waited till the day of the election to announce a postponement is a national embarrassment. Everything Buhari accused GEJ of, he has done worse. So much for ‘change’.”

@emmanuelderek, “A very good platform to rig the election has been created @inecnigeria

I travelled from Owerri to Lagos just to vote only to hear postponement at the last minute… Took days off work for it.. You can eat my PVC now INEC.”

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