Product Review – DUcare Makeup Brushes


Hiiiya lovelies!!! First of all, Happy New Year 2019 fam!!!! This year is going to be our best year yet! I officially cannot wait for all the goodies 2019 has to offer.. For me,  this year is another foray into the academic field and I am looking forward to a challenging yet extremely rewarding year back in school.

This year, I have decided to become more intentional about certain aspects, including caring for my face and one of the things I needed was to get a new set of makeup brushes as I had been using a previous set since January, 2015. I, therefore, ordered a 17 piece set from DUcare, a seller on AliExpress. (AliExpress is an online shopping mart owned by China’s top marketplace, Unlike Jumia though, their products are shipped globally.)

Brushes as shown on AliExpress. Click to view/purchase brushes from AliExpress

I placed my order on the 11th of November, 2018 and I received them on the 10th of December, 2018. I usually receive products I order from AliExpress, roughly a month after and I was pleased.

Brushes, Package and Gift Bag

Each brush was individually packed in a transparent wrap. The four biggest brushes also came had an extra net wrap to ensure they wouldn’t fray in the process of transportation.

The brushes also came with a leaflet that named each brush and gave a brief description of the purposes of each of them.

I examined all 17 brushes and they were all in perfect condition. They were also really soft to touch and had no offensive odour.

The real test of makeup brushes are in their application of products. I put as much of the brushes as I could to the test (I did a cut crease for the first time….and nailed it!!!) and I must say that I am in absolute love. The brushes do not feel harsh on the skin and they apply products like a dream! I am in particular awe of the foundation brush. I had switched to using a foundation brush about a year ago and I had misgivings about another foundation brush suiting my needs. DUcare’s brush literally swept me off my feet with their foundation brush.

Overall, this particular set of brushes from DUcare is one I would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable set of brushes to suit their makeup needs.

Is there something you would like me to review this year? If I can, I will. Do tell me in the comments section below. Ta-ra!

The result I achieved using the DUcare brushes