Buhari’s strongholds lead in PVCs collection ahead of Saturday’s election


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said the total number of collected Permanent Voters Card (PVCs) across Nigeria is 72,775,585.

The electoral commission, INEC, on Thursday released the final breakdown of Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) collected before Saturday’s presidential election.

The breakdown shows that Lagos State leads with 5.5 million (5,531389) PVCs collected. It is followed by Kano which has 4.7 million (4,696,747) PVCs collected.

Lagos and Kano are followed by Kaduna, Katsina and Rivers states respectively. Kaduna has 3.6 million (3,648,831) PVCs collected, Katsina has 3.2 million (3,187,988) PVCs collected while Rivers has 2.83 million PVCs collected.

The total number of PVCs collected in each state also reflects the maximum number of votes that can be gotten in each state as only registed voters with PVCs are eligible to vote.

The data shows that 98.7 per cent of Katsina’s 3.2 million registered voters collected their PVCs.

Katsina is followed by Taraba State where 97.3 per cent of registered voters collected their PVCs.

Other states that have more than 90 per cent of registered voters collecting their PVCs are Adamawa (90.7 per cent), Akwa Ibom (91.2 per cent), Bauchi (94.8 per cent), Benue (90.5 per cent), Cross River (90.8 per cent), Enugu (92 per cent), Gombe (96 per cent), Kaduna (93 per cent), Kebbi (95.1 per cent), Niger (91 per cent), Sokoto (91 per cent), Yobe (92.4 per cent), and Zamfara (94.7 per cent).

Collected voters cards do not necessarily translate to votes as some persons may choose not to vote despite collecting their PVCs. However, collected voters cards mean the total votes in that state cannot be more than the number of PVCs collected as only persons with PVCs can be allowed to vote.