BraveHeart Initiative for Youth & Women joins the world to commemorate the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial today, the 15th of May, 2018. The event is being held at Fugar, Etsako Central Local Government Area, Edo state in collaboration with Civil Society Ogranisations, health-care facilities, organisations of people living with HIV and other key populations in Edo North.

The memorial serves as a campaign to increase awareness about HIV and AIDS. It also helps to break down the barriers and stigma against people living with HIV in our communities. Memorial candles are also lit in remembrance of those who we have lost to the epidemic.

” Stigma and Discrimination against those living with the HIV virus has become a recurrent challenge. This is further worsened by the complacent nature of successive governments in addressing critical issues. Edo State must as a matter of urgency priotize resources for HIV programming and coordination as well as foster a better relationship with the HIV Community of Practice. Edo citizens need to display better empathy and genuine care for our brothers and sisters; mothers and fathers; and most especially our children living with HIV/AIDS.” , stated Ms. Priscilla Usiobaifo, the Founder of BraveHeart Initiative.

BraveHeart Initiative is a youth led, youth focused, non-governmental organization dedicated to developing and empowering young people between the ages of 10 and 25 years through information and skills training to make informed choices, grow into self-actualized adults capable of contributing towards a better society. HIV is taken as a core sexual and reproductive health issue and BraveHeart Initiative is committed to contributing towards ending HIV in Edo state.

The winner of the just concluded Big Brother Naija reality show, Miracle has been accused being ungrateful To notable personalities who supported him during the show.

This is coming from Nigerian comedian turned Musician, MC Galaxy, saying he reached out to 5 Star Music boss, E-Money to support the winner.

The singer who shared on his Twitter lamented that Miracle did not bother reaching out to E-Money, who he claims sent Miracle’s family close to N1 million to facilitate votes for him.

MC Galaxy said that since Miracle came back from his victorious outing at the BBNaija house, he had not even made an effort to reach out to him or even the 5 Star Music boss to appreciate his kind gesture.

See his tweets below:

Nigerian rapper and dancehall queen, has made a dramatic return to the music scene with new stage after facing many issues ranging from financial to record label for almost a year.

Formerly known as Cynthia Morgan, the self-aclaimed queen of Nigerian dancehall music changed her stage name to Madrina.

In the wake of the purported financial troubles, she quietly launched her own imprint called The Cynthia Morgan Company (TCMC).

Madrina also dropped a new song titled ‘Billion Dollar Woman’ as the first release on TCMC.

Apart from the new stage name, the singer has also deleted all the old pictures on her Instagram page and appears to have a new record label.

Morgan(now Madrina) was formerly signed to Jude Okoye’s Northside Entertainment in the heydays of Psquare.

She was a staunch member of the Psquare family so much so that when Peter and Paul disbanded for the first time, she uploaded a video on Instagram, pleading with them to mend fences.

After Psquare finally separated in 2017, Madrina went quiet, musically.

It will be recalled that actress Adesua Etomi, recently tweeted, asking for Madrina’s whereabouts reopened the conversation about her on social media.

Sadiq Daba, the actor, ran into some serious health issues recently. He cried out for financial help to undergo foreign treatment. Pronto, Nigerians reacted overwhelmingly. But wait. I did not hear anybody talk about Daba’s religion or ethnic group. The people who tweeted and retweeted his appeal for help, and those who contributed money, were certainly not from his village. I was so so so so so happy. It confirmed, yet again, my pet theory about Nigeria — that we do not hate each other. We are just victims of the unending political manipulation of ethnic and religious identities for selfish gain. Evidently, ordinary Nigerians have the “Nigerian spirit” in their DNA.

Indeed. I have met extremists and chauvinists from across religions and races. I am yet to hear anyone declare that we were not created by the same God. One of the most astonishing things about life, to me, is the fact that although we can choose to be Muslims or Christians, and so on, nobody can choose to be Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba or whatever. We just woke up one day to find ourselves as members of one ethnic group or the other. It was not our making. So why should you discriminate against me, and hate me, on the basis of an ethnic identity that is beyond my control? Is it my fault that I was born into a family that was clearly not my choice?

Today, I am going a little bit practical on how we can renew our minds. There is a saying that Rome was not built in a day, a proverb originated by the 19th century English playwright, John Heywood, who also gave us immortal expressions such as “out of sight out of mind”, “better late than never”, and “the more the merrier”. He said Rome wasn’t built in a day “but they were laying bricks every hour”. This, in some sense, tells us the value of consistent hard work, perseverance and conscious efforts at construction. If Nigeria is going to change, therefore, we must alienate those who see themselves, first and foremost, as ethno-religious champions. It all starts in the mind.

But, pardon me, Rome was not destroyed in a day either. It took ages to build the city but took a much shorter time to destroy it. Rome was sacked by the Visigoths in 410 AD. In three days, they looted, burnt and wrecked the beautiful city. That hastened the collapse of the Roman Empire. Same thing applies here: the destruction of Nigeria by ethnic champions and religious bigots will not happen in one day — it is a gradual, steady process. That is why we the people must guard our hearts jealously before we are recruited into the hate brigade under different guises. Those already recruited can decide to desert straightaway. We need to build, not destroy.

My suggestions. To start with, do not participate in the sharing of messages and materials that are clearly intended to preach hate and prejudice. Saying “shared as received” is pure hypocrisy. You can be critical of leadership without attacking or disparaging their religions and ethnic origins. As a matter of principle, I do not share messages that are clearly meant to spread hate. It is a duty I owe my conscience. We all have terrible things to say about other people. If we do not allow love to guard our hearts, we will keep adding fuel to fire. Therefore, before you press the “send” or “forward” button, ask yourself: what is my motive? Unto thyself, be honest.

This is how hate works: it focuses on what divides us rather than what unites us. If there are Qur’anic verses that say Muslims should love and care for Christians, the hate merchants will focus on where Christians are called “infidels”. If there are verses in the Bible that say “love your neighbour as yourself”, the messengers of hate will focus on “what fellowship does light have with darkness?” There is nothing you want to justify with the scriptures that you won’t find. If you truly have love in your heart, you will focus on the verses of love. The God that forbade eating four-footed creatures is the same God that ordered Apostle Peter, in a trance, to kill and eat! To the pure all things are pure.

And this is how prejudice works: because Chief Obafami Awolowo did not declare Oduduwa Republic in solidarity with Biafra in 1967, every Yoruba is a traitor — including the one that was born early this morning. Because an Igbo chap was arrested for 419, every Igbo person — dead, living or unborn — is a fraudster. Because Barkin Zuwo struggled with speaking English, every northerner is an illiterate; in fact, no northerner has a brain. Because of the insane activities of ISIS and Boko Haram, every Muslim is a terrorist, including your friend. Tragically, there are people that the only thing they can see in you is your language or religion, not the content of your character.

Let me quickly say this before I shut down my laptop and take a stroll: it is very difficult to resist the message of hate and prejudice in a society already polluted by manipulative politicians, their overpaid sidekicks and our inept leaders. I know. When everybody is saying there is casting down, it is very difficult to go against the grain and say there is lifting up. You just go with the flow. But maybe the “casting down” gang is not as big as the “lifting up” brigade — just that the latter has been intimidated into silence. They must begin to speak out. Rome was not destroyed in a day. Those working to destroy Nigeria neither sleep nor slumber.

As for me and my house, we resolved long ago that we would never feed our children with hate, prejudices and biases. These things are usually passed on from generation to generation. I resolved to follow the example of my grandmother by celebrating the best in others rather than focusing on their worst. I would rather talk about the dignity in labour you find among the Hausa, the creativity among the Igbo and the industry among the Yoruba. Accuse me of living in denial and I will accuse you of living in bitterness. Accuse me of being politically correct and I will accuse you of being self-righteous. Accuse me of being naïve and I will accuse you of being jaundiced. It’s all in the mind.

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Omoba Adekunle Kosoko, widely known as Adekunle Gold has dropped the much anticipated tracklist for his sophomore album titled “About30”.

The wide raving song, “Ire” which is curiously numbered 17, top the tracklist, hinting fans that the album is a continuation of his debut “Gold” which contains 13 tracks.

Gold, featured Seun Kuti, the youngest son of legendary afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti Seun Kuti and sensational musician, Flavour.

Other musicians featured on the album include, DYO, LCGC, and Jacob Banks.

Recalled that Adekunle Gold, recently took to social media to call out a movie producer for using his song, ‘Orente‘, as a soundtrack in the Nollywood movie.

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Omoba Adekunle Kosoko, widely known as Adekunle Gold has dropped the much anticipated tracklist for his sophomore album titled “About30”.

The wide raving song, “Ire” which is curiously numbered 17, top the tracklist, hinting fans that the album is a continuation of his debut “Gold” which contains 13 tracks.

Gold, featured Seun Kuti, the youngest son of legendary afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti Seun Kuti and sensational musician, Flavour.

Other musicians featured on the album include, DYO, LCGC, and Jacob Banks.

Recalled that Adekunle Gold, recently took to social media to call out a movie producer for using his song, ‘Orente‘, as a soundtrack in the Nollywood movie.

Nigerian singer and composer, Olawale Ashimi better known as Brymo has caused stir on social media declaring himself the greatest of all time in the Nigerian Music industry.

Brymo is fast becoming one of Nigeria’s most controversial artistes, as controversy of his unclad in his latest single ‘Heya’ is yet to be put to rest.

He posted a tweet on Thursday which was his birthday, declaring himself the greatest artiste of his time.

Brymo recently released his 6th album “OṢÓ”. The new project contains 11 tracks, with interesting titles, laced with thought provoking lyrics you have got to see.

Brymo’s “Heya” became popular for the singer’s bare behind but according to the artiste, he was really trying to tell you a lot more.

Brymo’s artistic endeavour has drawn a wide gamut of reactions. There are those who believe this is an attempt at faux brilliance from an artiste who seems so desperate to carve his own niche and distance himself from the rest of the bunch.

Spotify has removed R. Kelly’s music from its algorithmic and curated playlists under its new hate content and hateful conduct policy.

According to BillBoard, Spotify users will no longer be able to find R. Kelly’s music on any of the streaming service’s editorial or algorithmic playlists.

“We are removing R. Kelly’s music from all Spotify owned and operated playlists and algorithmic recommendations such as Discover Weekly,” they said in their statement.

“His music will still be available on the service, but Spotify will not actively promote it. We don’t censor content because of an artist’s or creator’s behavior, but we want our editorial decisions — what we choose to program — to reflect our values. When an artist or creator does something that is especially harmful or hateful, it may affect the ways we work with or support that artist or creator.”

This is coming as RKelly faces more accusations. After years of being accused of sexual harassment, sex cults and things of the like.

Meanwhile, the RnB king has never been convicted of any of these alleged crimes.

RedAce Management Company- the talent management arm of one of the Africa’s foremost PR/Media & Communication agencies, The RedAce Company has announced the signings of two of Nigeria’s best entertainment providers.

Making the announcement at a press conference in Lagos on Wednesday, RedAce Management Company unveiled the signing of a management deal with Nigeria’s leading pencil Artist- Alesh Akeem, and fast rising music sensation, Adejola Abayomi Olanrewaju a.k.a ‘96’.

Speaking on the management deal, the director of RedAce Management Company, Mr. Olubunmi Adeyera disclosed that the singing of the deal has become imperative to ensure the profitable exploitation, discharge and engagement of talent and creative works both locally and internationally.

Recall that Alesh Akeem is known to have painted and presented art works of international celebrities such as J.Cole, Ciara, T-Pain, The Migos etc; and as well just concluded his “Celebrating 10 Kings” tour- A project that focuses and celebrating 10 exceptional Kings across Africa through Art.

Olubunmi Adeyera also hinted that UK-based Music sensation, ‘96’ with his unique kind of sound is ready to take the Nigerian music industry by storm as he ready to officially release his songs after which he would immediately commence is media tour.

While Pressmen quizzed ‘96’ on why he has decided to do his music in Nigeria and not in the UK where his is based, he responded that his kind of music which he described as afro-pop is entirely different from the existing, and for maximum fulfillment of his career as a musician, the Nigerian market is best suitable.

‘96’ whose real name is Adejola Abayomi Olarenwaju hails from Abeoukuta, Ogun state, Nigeria and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom; and has recorded danceable tracks with both local and international producers.

Upcoming Afro pop singer, Adeola Adeyemi Olamide popularly known as YEMZZY jumped on Assurance, a very bubbling ode to the DMW boss’ lover which set the social media on fire.

Since it dropped, the hit love song has continued to get more accolades.

Yemzzy also gets us glued on this cover of new love themed record produced by Aterre.

Download and enjoy HERE