Cardi B is officially engaged! That’s right everyone’s favourite ratchet female MC said yes to her boyfriend, Offset, infront of a sold out crowd.
The ‘Bodak Yellow’ was taken by surprise when her Migos boyfriend asked her the big question infront of the Power 99’s Powerhouse in Philadelphia crowd.

Cardi was visibly excited as she was dancing around the stage before finally saying yes. Offset and Cardi started dating earlier this year and quickly became known for displaying their romance on social media.
Only a few days before the engagement, the couple had been in the news for ‘breaking up’ and making up almost immediately after.

Reecent years, perspective manipulation has seen a surge in popularity throughout the photography community. Whether it is the eccentricity of miniature-faking, or the dreamy elegance of selective blur, tilt-shift lenses have undoubtedly solidified their place on many contemporary photographers’ to-buy lists. While they’re certainly familiar tools to serious architectural and landscape photographers, they have become increasingly favorable for artistic endeavors in portraiture, still-life, and even filmmaking.

Their steady presence among cinematographers has seen them go as far as the big screen. In 2010, David Fincher’s The Social Network included a beautifully shot scene of the Henley Royal Regatta, its bystanders and spectators blurred by selective defocus. It created an emotive, visually compelling result that testifies to the creative strengths of this type of photography. However you intend to use it, having a basic understanding of tilt-shift prior to making it your next big purchase is the first step to capturing these compelling, striking images.
Tilt-shift offers a hands-on approach to optical manipulation and perspective control. Tilt determines the plane of focus by allowing you to point a lens at an angle other than perpendicular to the image plane. As a normal lens can only focus on a singular plane, the areas of sharpness in a photo will be the same distance from the camera. With tilt, the focal plane becomes pliable.

Because of the Scheimpflug principle, it becomes possible to capture an image entirely in focus (background and foreground), as well as narrow the focal plane down to a small sliver of clarity, surrounded by soft blur. It is through tilt manipulation that miniature-faking is possible, creating the illusion of super-shallow depth of field, as if looking into a diorama. Often times, this leads to the tilt-shift lens being unfairly labeled as a one-trick- pony by those less familiar with it.
Shift, on the other hand, is the parallel upward or downward displacement of the lens to the image plane. This results in the photographer being able to adjust a subject’s place in a composition without needing to move the camera itself. It also keeps everything squared, eliminating the convergence of vertical lines, a phenomenon known as “keystoning” that occurs when photographing tall buildings, for example.

For professional architectural photography, these qualities are essential for keeping buildings squared and in focus. The creative possibilities of tilt also attract photographers looking to add dynamism to portraiture, weddings, still-life, and for isolating details. Nikon manufactures three variations of a tilt-shift lens, designated with a “PC-E” to signify “Perspective Control.” They include the wide-angle PC-E Nikkor 24mm f/3.5D ED, the standard length PC-E Nikkor 45mm f/2.8D ED, and the medium telephoto PC-E Nikkor 85mm f/2.8D. Canon has four tilt-shifts (TS-E) on the market, two of which (the TS-E 17mm f/4L and TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II) bear the prestigious red stripe of the L series. The remaining two choices are the TS-E 45mm f/2.8 and the TS-E 90mm f/2.8.

Those looking to invest a bit more into a tilt-shift lens can consider Schneider Optics, whose lineup of professional glass is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony Alpha, Pentax, and Mamiya/Phase One cameras. These lenses are available as a 28mm f/2.8, 50mm f/2.8, and 90mm f/4.5 for DSLRs as well as a 120 mm f/5.6 for medium format Mamiya/Phase One cameras. Budget-friendly 24mm wide-angle tilt-shift lenses are also available from Bower, Samyang, and Rokinon. These lenses are designed for compatibility with Canon, Nikon, and Sony Alpha cameras. Photographers who are new to tilt-shift should have their tripods ready and expect a learning curve, as all these lenses are manual focus and require a bit of finesse.
Long before the digital age, tilt and shift adjustments were achieved with traditional view cameras by manipulating the flexible bellows between the two standards. The front standard, which houses the lens, can be moved upward or downward on a parallel plane for shift, or tipped on a skewed axis for tilt. These large format cameras are still used today by serious and professional architectural photographers, and have even been optimized for digital functionality. Cameras such as the Linhof Techno Digital Field Camera are designed specifically with commercial architectural photography in mind, and come equipped with flexible bellows that extend for focusing up to 240mm.

Many photographers who enjoy the playful, creative leeway of tilt don’t necessarily require the corrective control over shift. In these cases, the price tag on a proper tilt-shift lens can seem extravagant and unnecessary. Fortunately, Lensbaby’s series of lenses and optics delivers just the right dose of affordable perspective tweaking to add something extra to portrait, environmental, and still-life photography. Most notably, the Composer Pro lens with Edge 80 Optic (currently available for Nikon and Canon cameras) allows shooters to tilt their plane of focus and create areas of selective blur. When manipulated accordingly, this can result in a whimsical miniature effect or can simply add a dreamy finish to portraiture, scenery, and more.
As a last resort, it’s also worth noting that in its most recent edition, Adobe Lightroom 6 has a Development section for corrective perspective control. Under the Lens Corrections panel, users may click the Basic tab to toggle through a series of Upright modes (Auto, Level, Vertical, and Full) that correct for minor keystoning and distortion. While not as apt in extreme situations, it is an effective tool for those looking to square up the vertical lines in photos of buildings and landscapes shot with a regular lens.

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Chiboy’s selfness is not different from a thug at a motor park. He lacked major etiquettes. He talks gibberish, dresses crazily and has a bad temper. Although he has a hansome face but his brain is empty. I did a surveillance on him and I discovered that he keeps a chain of girls on and off campus, smokes and drinks heavily. Telling Kemi about my discovery did not make any difference. His handsomeness as enchanted her soft heart.
At that time, she was both deafened and blinded by lust called love she was getting from Chiboy. Kemi would yell at me whenever I complined about her boyfriend. She would say: ” Abbey, you do not have any control over my life. I can do whatever I like with my life on campus. After all, you are not the one paying my school fee”. 

I gave up on her when I realized she had hardned her heart against any negative discussion about her boyfriend. 
I was shocked when she suddenly showed up in my room one morning, weeping profusely, lamenting and cursing Chiboy’s generations. She was badly wounded in the heart. Amdist tears, she told me she had gone to visit Chiboy who was not expecting her and had found him romping another girl in his room. When she accused him, he insulted her and walked her out of the room. 

She confessed to me she had aborted four pregnancies for him. She had used her 300level school fee to organised a birthday party for him and had been the one paying for his rented apartment since they were in 200level with the proceeds from her campus petty businesses. Which has affected her badly. I was not surprised by her story. If I told her Chiboy was having a sexual affair with two close friends in my department who never knew would only add to her injury.
Kemi’s story is similar to that of Kate who’s boyfriend dated two of her course mates and finally settled with one of them. 

Segun and Kate were known to all as lovers. They lived together as a couple and Kate was doing her duties as a wife. Their relationship was barely two years old when Segun started dating Eniola and at the same time was seeing Hope.

Since the girls were not staying in the same area, he scheduled his visits and frequently passed the night in Eniola and Hope’s place.

In the long run, the secret relationships became known to all with Kate and Hope (the losers) badly hurt. Kate was emotionally disturbed as her loses were two abortions and  wasted fortune on a flirt like Segun. Hope’s lose was irreparable: her virginity. She was close to suicide when it dawned on her that Segun was only after her body and has

moved on with Eniola afterwards.
Many ladies on campus have been victims of campus flirts. They have spent their fortune, time and pleasure on the relationship with the hope that he would one day ask them the question every lady is always eager to hear from her man. “Will you marry me”? They are dedicated and committed to the relationship. They ignored all other admirers and sometimes had to result  to insult inorder to  chase away some desperate admirers. But these campus philanderers do not get emotional at all. They jump from one girl to another. The truth is, they see it as a fun. 
Ladies should beware of campus flirts. They see you as sex object. What they sell is their beatuty. Most of them, their pockets and brains are empty. They are after getting between your legs. After some abortions, you will have a bitter story to tell. Do not be deceived by their good looking. That should not be the only reason to love. Learn from the mistakes of others and take heed. 

So that you won’t fall into the hands of campus womanizers.

A word is enough for the wise.

Award winning singer, actor and comedian, Folarin Falana, better known as Falz, has said Nigerian artistes are not to blame for the poor lyrical content of their songs.

According to Falz, “Nigerians just want to dance” and as such, artistes will feed them with what they desire.

Of late, many entertainment stakeholders and veterans have complained that lyrics are often centred around money, women, and alcohol.

Reacting, Falz told NAN that: “Music of today truly lacks content, but it is hardly the fault of the musician, as Nigerians just want to dance.

“It is correct to say that a lot of artistes are not concerned about lyrical content because they know that the Nigerian people just want to dance.

“However, a few musicians still pay attention to lyrical content. I personally pay a lot of attention to that.

“Music shouldn’t be about the beats alone. Good music is a good blend of everything – good beat, good message and nice melody.”

Speaking in the same vein, Innocent Onyemuwa (Daddy Fresh) said, “Music should not be on ‘whine your waist’. Our artistes are trying but I have a little problem with their stereotyped lyrics. Everybody is talking about, `whine your waist’.

“Sometimes, there is too much repetition and I’m not okay with that. I want us to be more creative.

“Creativity will give us what we are looking for to stand out internationally and when it comes to nominations for awards,” he said.
Onyemuwa, however, hailed Nigerians musicians for efforts in promoting the entertainment industry.

“It gives me the hope that Nigeria will in future be on top because we have got all it takes: good rappers, good singers; we have got our representatives.”

A veteran reggae musician, Daniel Wilson, who came to limelight in the early 90s with his hit tune, ‘Mr Ragamuffin’, told NAN that he was dissatisfied with lyrics of contemporary music.

“I grew up listening to good music from Mike Okri, Evi Edna Ogoli and Majek Fashek and others,” he said.

“Music can mean anything to anybody. I grew up listening to the best Nigeria had to offer, but what I listen to these days breaks my heart.

“Times without number, I ask some young musicians what they know about music. How can you hope to be celebrated when you don’t even celebrate those who were there before you?” Wilson asked?

After surprising fans with the artwork and tracklist a few days back, fast-rising R&B and Afro-pop singer Sefiya has released her much-talked-about debut EP titled ‘Antidote’ on Wednesday October 25.

Prior to the official release, the singer had dropped two radio-friendly singles off the EP, ‘Motivation’ and ‘Some More’ – which she described as an appetizer for the full body of work.

The EP contains five tracks including a guest appearance from popular dancehall sensation Mr. 2kay on the third track ‘Mama’, with production credits going to some of the industry’s most laudable music producers, including Mystro, Benie Macaulay, WE Beat, Dams and Phantom.

Antidote’s visually appealing artwork shows Sefiya in a rather alluring pose with an enigmatic countenance that can only be described as aesthetically pleasing – while the back cover shows the singer donning a tank top and tracksuit bottoms.

Sefiya has been described as one of the promising acts of the industry in recent times since her emergence in 2013.

She has been applauded by many for her vocal prowess and unique sound which easily solidifies her potentials to become one of Nigeria’s most talented acts.

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Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, Nigerian hip hop artist based in the United States, has said one of his goals is to be fluent in Igbo.

The Classic Man, as he is fondly known, said he once took a class in the US to get a good grip of the language.

Jidenna made this known on Wednesday while addressing journalists at the Heineken Live Your Music press briefing in Lagos.

“I speak Igbo a little but not the way I wish. I actually took a class when I was in the US to speak more fluently and Aunty Ifeoma, God bless her, was just excited that we were there and she went so slow that at the end of the semester, we didn’t get anywhere,” he said.

“One of my goals is to be fluent so I actually hired a teacher recently to Skype with me so I can learn on the road so hopefully one year from now, I’ll be much more fluent than I am now.”

The 32-year-old singer said he does not have a sound of his own yet.

According to Jidenna, his sound, a combination of his “favourite” genres, is still evolving.

“I still don’t think that the music I have released thus far is the artiste in me, I mean it’s not my sound yet. I have not crafted it,” he said.

“I’m so excited about the new album I’m working on, it combines all my favourite music; juju, reggae, dancehall, highlife, soul, R&B, hip-hop.

“My foundation was in hip-hop but influenced by other sounds. When I was growing up in Nigeria, Bob Marley was like the biggest god so him and Fela were my biggest heroes when I was a kid.

“I stir all that together and try to make music but I don’t think it has all that at the same time but now I have figured out the formula.

“I listen to a lot of highlife of the late 60s and early 70s. Juju music, Sunny Ade, Sunny Okosun and then the newer people from Wizkid, Tiwa, Tekno to Sarkodie.”

Being successful is a habit. Being a mediocre is also a habit. Cultivate success habits and skill to change history at the 2017 edition of the annual Success Stories Africa.

Widely acclaimed as the most impacting gathering of young people in developing communities, Success Stories Africa is focused on increasing the number of empowered youths above the weaklings.

It will hold on November 11 at TLC Auditorium, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Abule Egba, Lagos.

According to the convener, Isaac Oladipupo, “As a people, if we don’t meet needs in the society, we won’t be needed, let alone relevant. It’s high time we stopped consuming and started looking inward to create products and services that will be used globally. We must turn around from being a consumer oriented economy, to a producer oriented economy.

Barrier-breaking speakers who will reveal their success stories at this gathering include Bovi Ugboma [Ace Comedian], Olakunle Soriyan [CEO, Olakunle Soriyan Company], Toyin Abraham [Award-winning Actor], and Dayo Adeneye [Commissioner for Information, Ogun State].

This illuminating event, which will be anchored by inspirational blogger and author Laju Iren alongside Inspiration FM OAP Rufai Oseni, will also feature a special panel session with Shola Okubote [Founder,], Evans Akanno [Founder, Cregital], Kemi Filani [Nigerian blogger], Azeez Makinde [Nigerian blogger] and John Obidi [Founder, SmartBCamp].

Attendance is absolutely free but interested participants would register at:

American actress, Heather Lind, has accused ex-US President George HW Bush of sexual assault.

Lind said the incident happened in 2014 while posing for a photo with the ex-president at the screening of her movie ‘Turn’.

According to the actress, Bush groped her from his wheelchair and shared a dirty joke with her.

“When I got the chance to meet George H.W. Bush four years ago to promote a historical television show I was working on, he sexually assaulted me while I was posing for a similar photo,” she said.

“He didn’t shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara by his side. He told me a dirty joke.”

Reacting to Lind’s allegations, a spokesman for the ex-president said it wasn’t an intentional act of assault.

Bush also apologised to the actress for the “distress” she may have felt as a result of his “attempt at humour”.

“President Bush would never under any circumstances intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Ms. Lind.”

Of late, sexual harassment has been a major topic of discussion in America’s film industry. Over 40 actresses have come out to accuse veteran Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

Multi-talented Fuji mega star Alhaji Wasiu Alabi, popularly called Pasuma Wonder on Wednesday paid homage to the Ooni of Ife – Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II in Ile Ife and Co-chairman of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria.
The world famous Fuji mega star declared that he decided to pay homage to the foremost African King as his father from whom he needed fatherly blessing to mark his 50th birthday and to identify with him in his relentlessly continued efforts to ensure unity and advancement of Yoruba race.
Pasuma who commended the foremost monarch also congratulated him on his recent birthday, and wished him a peaceful and successful reign on the throne as the Arole Oodua.
“Baba, you are great you have indeed made us proud as our overall father in Yorubaland. That is why I have come to identify with you in your mission of peace, unity and progress for our race and Africa”.
“Kabiyesi, please pray for me as your son as I will be marking my 50th birthday very soon”.Alabi Pasuma said.

Ooni in his response also lauded Pasuma for using his music in promoting the culture and unity of the Yoruba race urging him to always produce music that will further project the image of Yoruba nation which is source of mankind.
The Spiritual leader of the Yoruba race worldwide added that he has been a great fan of Pasuma. He congratulated him on his 50th birthday and prayed God would bless the rest of his journey on earth with good health, long life and prosperity.
“I’m your fan from time and I still remain your fan. May the Almighty Olodumare bless you with good health, long life and prosperity as you’re now 50years of age. We will surely celebrate you”. Ooni Ogunwusi added.
Baba Suwe, the globally famous Yoruba ace comedian also fondly called “Adimeru” also was also at the Ile Oodua Palace of Oonirisa to exercise what he called “his own turn of homage” which he said is long overdue.
It will be recalled that the Aare OnaKakanfo designate, Otunba Gani Adams had on Sunday paid his first official visit sequel to his proclamation as Aare OnaKakanfo to receive the Yoruba ancestral blessing from the Ooni as the overall father of all the descendants of Oduduwa home and abroad.

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Ibadan based Nigerian Upcoming singer, Dawud Mubarak Babatunde, popularly known as Tush Ayaga has dropped another single titled Aya Ni.

Aya Ni is produced by Kentee Beatz.

Tush is a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, Oyo State and currently undergoing his Youth Service in Ogun State.

Download and enjoy HERE