Campus madness: Philanderers By: Abiodun Olumide Ogundare


Chiboy’s selfness is not different from a thug at a motor park. He lacked major etiquettes. He talks gibberish, dresses crazily and has a bad temper. Although he has a hansome face but his brain is empty. I did a surveillance on him and I discovered that he keeps a chain of girls on and off campus, smokes and drinks heavily. Telling Kemi about my discovery did not make any difference. His handsomeness as enchanted her soft heart.
At that time, she was both deafened and blinded by lust called love she was getting from Chiboy. Kemi would yell at me whenever I complined about her boyfriend. She would say: ” Abbey, you do not have any control over my life. I can do whatever I like with my life on campus. After all, you are not the one paying my school fee”. 

I gave up on her when I realized she had hardned her heart against any negative discussion about her boyfriend. 
I was shocked when she suddenly showed up in my room one morning, weeping profusely, lamenting and cursing Chiboy’s generations. She was badly wounded in the heart. Amdist tears, she told me she had gone to visit Chiboy who was not expecting her and had found him romping another girl in his room. When she accused him, he insulted her and walked her out of the room. 

She confessed to me she had aborted four pregnancies for him. She had used her 300level school fee to organised a birthday party for him and had been the one paying for his rented apartment since they were in 200level with the proceeds from her campus petty businesses. Which has affected her badly. I was not surprised by her story. If I told her Chiboy was having a sexual affair with two close friends in my department who never knew would only add to her injury.
Kemi’s story is similar to that of Kate who’s boyfriend dated two of her course mates and finally settled with one of them. 

Segun and Kate were known to all as lovers. They lived together as a couple and Kate was doing her duties as a wife. Their relationship was barely two years old when Segun started dating Eniola and at the same time was seeing Hope.

Since the girls were not staying in the same area, he scheduled his visits and frequently passed the night in Eniola and Hope’s place.

In the long run, the secret relationships became known to all with Kate and Hope (the losers) badly hurt. Kate was emotionally disturbed as her loses were two abortions and  wasted fortune on a flirt like Segun. Hope’s lose was irreparable: her virginity. She was close to suicide when it dawned on her that Segun was only after her body and has

moved on with Eniola afterwards.
Many ladies on campus have been victims of campus flirts. They have spent their fortune, time and pleasure on the relationship with the hope that he would one day ask them the question every lady is always eager to hear from her man. “Will you marry me”? They are dedicated and committed to the relationship. They ignored all other admirers and sometimes had to result  to insult inorder to  chase away some desperate admirers. But these campus philanderers do not get emotional at all. They jump from one girl to another. The truth is, they see it as a fun. 
Ladies should beware of campus flirts. They see you as sex object. What they sell is their beatuty. Most of them, their pockets and brains are empty. They are after getting between your legs. After some abortions, you will have a bitter story to tell. Do not be deceived by their good looking. That should not be the only reason to love. Learn from the mistakes of others and take heed. 

So that you won’t fall into the hands of campus womanizers.

A word is enough for the wise.