AMVCA- Nigerians react over Layi Wisabi winning best digital content creator category over Sabinus


Reknowned digital content creator, Layi Wisabi winning the award for the best digital content creator category over Sabinus at the AMVCA has raised the suspicion of many Nigerians has it is acclaimed to be unfair.

Questions have been raised about the criteria used for selecting the winner and whether there was any bias involved in the decision-making process.

According to a Twitter handle @Igbo History, “Can someone tell the criteria for winning the title of Best Content Creator in Nigeria? Are the organizers biased towards a specific a tribe? If the award isn’t tribal-based, then how did Layi win Best Digital Content Creator over Sabinus at the AMVCA”

Attacking @Igbo History, user @Pontrol_777 said that “I knew ibo people would cry with the way Yoruba people packed the awards at AMVCA

Who in his right senses wld compare Sabinus to Layi?

Layi is the goat! Sabinu doesn’t make quality content. Layi is smart and he produces educative and quality content. They think it’s my wearing purple shirt and black tie with stomach like drum

Amidst the controversy, Layi Wisabi’s undeniable talent and creativity have been acknowledged, as evidenced by his maiden award win and recognition among notable content creators.

Despite the keen competition that triggered criticism, Layi’s achievement serves as a testament to his exceptional abilities and contribution to the digital content landscape in Nigeria.