You’re singing ‘Meaningless songs’ — Lolo blasts Nigerian artistes


Omotunde Adebowale-David, radio personality and Nollywood actress popularly known as Lolo 1, has said 97 percent of Nigerian songs have no meaning.

Lolo said the lyrics of present-day songs lack “depth” when compared to the “music of yesteryears”.

In a chat with Hip TV, she said: “I am not sure if we are passing any message because if you are looking at the kind of music, what will you say you are buying?

“It is not like everybody talks crap, but 97 percent of it has no meaning. Bangdadadang, what does that mean? It doesn’t have any meaning.

“You know, Wo, it is just play and we are just having fun. It is not like the music of yesteryears where you listen to Ebenezer Obe, Sunny Ade.