Won’t you free her smiling mind? -Olansile Ajetunmobi Umar (OAU)


Two poultry farmers keep birds – one keeps layers, the other keeps breeders. The layers and the breeders start to lay eggs at the same time. The first farmer flies up flamboyantly in happiness. He said, ” It’s hightime I started selling these eggs.” The second farmer thinks of how the eggs laid by his breeders will be turned into chicks. Months later, he didn’t only sell crates of eggs, but also hatch large numbers of these eggs. The first farmer planned for the present while the second one planned for the future.

This anecdote is a parable for every emotional rustler among guys. They rustle  the minds of innocent ladies as cattle rustlers do to herds of cattle in the North. Do you need to perform a cardiac surgery for her with series of unhealing incisions? Do you need to play a candy crush along with her when you know the heat in the kitchen cannot make you stay in there? Don’t you think it’s time you freed her mind from any fruitless expectation from your male Papaya tree? Don’t keep her egg just because of her immediate selling point.

Indeed, she cooks delicious meal for you from that ‘shipinni’  chicken-feed her ‘paleh’ or ‘maleh’ sends to her ; she washes your smelly and sweat-soaked  cloths with a view to pleasing you, still, you play along despite the fact that her cupid doesn’t shoot you for once. Don’t you think it’s time she knew about your vision-less journey before an ember becomes an uncontrollable inferno? Don’t keep her eggs because of the market demand!

Also, it should be noted that among the Yorubas, it is a taboo to go to a bread seller, price her bread and smell it with your olfactory lobe , but fail to buy the bread. If you were the bread seller, would you take that ‘sh*t?’ Guys, wake up! It is not pride or success to always ‘smell the Aroma’ of different species of ladies ; rather, it is a curse and falling off the tree of ‘Qodaric’ spirituality. Are these souls seriously affected by your magnetic field,but your magnet repels theirs? Why don’t you let them know now before their magnets fail to attract any like-field again? Lay off their minds ; let them patronise a better and fruitful market of golden commodities.

” My sweetheart, my butterfly, my Cinderella, my crown, Adé mi, İfé mi, Ęyinjú mi, Ayé mi, My Queen, D1ILWM@(The one I love with my heart, lol), my love and my gbogbo è ” you call her often, but deep inside the stream of your heart, she is not worth the display of a housefly ; ògá, you are fake! Stop the pretence and free her flexible mind from hallucination and dazzling mirage. That green light of many opportunities are still on.

In a nutshell, when her mind smiles as a result of your fake smile, don’t turn her faithful smile fake, since you know that your fake smile will never put an everlasting smile she desires, on her face. You! Yes, you! I mean you naani! Will you now stop that fake smile and turn a new leaf?