Welcome to my Corner!


Hiii… I’m Anita and , right now, you’re in my corner of The Regular News website.. I’m the Beauty/Reviews Editor (cha cha role.. hehe) and i figured you need to know me better.. so here goes..
First off, I’m a voracious reader. I absolutely love books. I could breathe books, if possible sef. My categories may be limited and my all time favourite author may be Nora Roberts, but trust me, i peruse my hard(and paper)backs from cover to cover. I’m also a movie lover and as much as possible, i try to keep updated. Even at that, I’m sure there are still lots of movies and books i miss. Here’s where you come in. Drop the name/title in the Comments section. If i can get my hand on it, you will definitely get a review..
As a long standing member of the natural hair gang movement(my current hair lenght is 2 years, 2 months and 30 days.. but who’s counting?? Lol!). I’m currently on starter locs, btw, and i intend to take you along on my hair journey for those of you who  may be thinking of the same path. I’ve had my ups, mids and downs hair-wise but i have pulled through and i can definitely tell you how. These info also applies to my relaxed hair sisters so don’t miss it, you hear???

My locs of love

I also have extremely oily skin. As in extreeemely oily. Acne prone too. Issa struggle babes.. sigh. I’m definitely not a pro makeup artiste or a skin specialist or whatever but i have picked up a few tips here and there that have been lifesavers. I’d be introducing products to you and i would also be reviewing whatever i have used. I’d basically be focusing on everything beauty..
Sooo.. that’s pretty much it.. Stick around. It will be worth your while. Cheers!




Anita is a budding activist. She’s most comfortable in a pair of tan shorts and an old blue jersey. Beans and plantains has literally stolen her heart but she gets to borrow it once in a while. She is a God lover and has a free spirit.