We are hungry and angry! By Emmanuel Osele George


    It’s not about law. It’s not really about your right. It’s about reality. This is Nigeria, when you are faced with difficult situations, BEG your way out, don’t claim some constitutionally unprotected laws.

    It’s high time we got our liberty from the ancient prison of self deception and public deceit. Nigeria is going nowhere with this current system. We can only speculate our follies and all our hope in a prickle have no soft landing measure – all dashed!

    When will the Aso Rock be cured of glaucoma? Because the future has no relationship with the present in your brain.

    There is hunger and anger in the face of average Nigerian on the street, these suffering are just religiously and psychologically covered with faith and motivation… We are suffering! I am too! Let’s get off behind one finger, people are hungry and angry. Don’t be deceived with those smiles and selfies. Even Motivational speakers have their wands producing thinko, not because they aren’t vast but the jejune atmosphere created by those saboteurs would fault most principles of betterment.

    The distance between the rich and poor is as high as earth and heavens. Yet, we celebrate their new policies that are only meant to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. We are on a messy gunpowder which already has exploded but we unnoticeably hope for its announcement.

    When you encounter armed uniform men like police, please cooperate with them, don’t prove one law or right, they are hungry and angry too. I doubt if a week pass without report of police brutally dealing with innocent and bullet shot at or stray at innocent… It cannot stop, if the system is not reviewed.

    You still remember the officer who smashed a guy’s iPhone on the ground BECAUSE he was angry that how could he afford a phone of 200k while he (the officer) couldn’t in his 14 years service. That is the definition of frustration. What about the killings repeatedly reported on the media and others that are not on pages of newspapers and social media…
    We are dying of hunger and committing genocide just because of unexpressed anger!

    Today, I spent over 7 hours at UCH, I almost wept for Nigeria. There was no power throughout that period. Some clinics used generator until it run out of fuel and… All blackout! Worst of all, people were sent away from using the those dirty toilets 🚽 because there was no water, no light… Ah! Nigeria is finished.

    If you had travelled Oyo-Ogbomoso Road you would understand what I am saying. That is exactly the situation we are here in Nigeria. If you talk, they will nail you like you are not saying the reality. But what’s wrong with us here?

    Na wao!

    I’m not talking about politics because that’s is already rotten.

    As a matter of urgency, I call the federal government to review confab reports.