Their Mumu Never Do by Abiodun Olumide Ogundare


My Aunty used to say to me anytime she sees me counting money I got from doing a quick shady business. She would tell me “Abbey igan é tí san wó” (your igan has paid you). The word “igan” is another meaning for “mumu”.  Someone you can swinddle back and forth just because he or she is not in a position to know or react.Every individual has  “mumu” my Aunty would say. It can be a single person or a  crowd paying obeisaince and worshipping the ground you walk on. It may be from a street slay queen who got all attentions from her male admirers. She  controls them via the remote in her hand to do anything in this world to please her, it may as well be a company manager or bussiness owner who uses his staff salaries in building houses or doing other businesses. As a result, owe them for months without formally informing them when to expect their payments or an apology for the delay in payment.

The “mumus” can also be the citizens of a country who had long suffered under the rulership of their goverment.

Like the Nigerian government since independence has taken its citizens as “mumus”. Implementing unfavourable policies, terrorizing them with the forces, delay their salaries and entitlements among many other acrocities. This government-the elected to rule- live in affluence. They go about in armoured cars, live in high-fenced houses manned by scary looking military men and far removed from reach  as against the poor living conditions of its people.

Charles Oputa led “our mumu don do” is therefore to tell the government that we are no more fools to be led by the nose. It is however disheartning to see how the governement through the policemen maltreated them. While they escorted the pro-Buhari agitators to the villa. Does that mean that some citizens “mumu never do?” Does that mean the pro-Buhari supporters are enjoying from this goverment? These are the same set of people who sing praise songs of politicians who have looted not only their destinies but also that of their fourth generations.

I am so ashamed that I share this country with people like them.

It is not our fault that their “mumu never do”. We cannot be dragged backward because  some citizens love backwardness.

The struggle for liberty from oppression continues. We understand by books, that their fore-fathers also opposed independence. Progress shame them. Its in their bloodline.