The Vitality in Vanity By Samuel O. Abidoye


Hi Pilgrims.
May I first of all ask to know how it has been journeying through this world of thick cloudiness and piercing brightness, a sphere where darkness and light seems to be in fierce contention, a walk road carved and shaped with crooked and smooth pathways, the ‘beautyugliful’ globe that houses you and I. Folk, living in this world if you will agree with my thought is a make up of futilities and shambles and this make up can only be altered by an encounter and a course.

The vitality of vanity is first of all in a discovery, the outcome of the preacher’s searchings and scavengings from the beginning of the world to the end thereof. He immersed himself in a thorough search for understanding, wisdom and knowledge, he endeavoured merriment, drank his soul into staggerings and tried the path of folly thinking he will discover life fully, he did all he could, tried all paths and means that there seem to be in arriving at tangibility, yet futility shone at him like the bright sun of the morning.

You will do yourself a whole lot of good if you develop the consciousness of man’s inability to meaningfully grow without the acknowledgment of life being a hold of vanities which can be turned vitality by nothing but light. The light that drew patriarchs out of the sphere of the natural and secured for them thrones in the supernatural orb.

The routine of life is nothing but an unending chase after the wind; for from cradle to grave life is an empire whose foundation is laid with gainful futilities, valuable worthlessness, fruitful barrenness and loaded emptiness; they are all bricks of deceit making life’s way the seemingly right way to journey through, our eyes need to pop open for authenticity to be seen and walked through.

Life must be to us ‘vainful’ for us to be actually gainful, for in Christ only is the fullness of life, joy and peace; seeing Christ and having unending trust in Him is made possible by the acknowledgement of life’s unending vanities. However, when Christ the vitality of life is permitted to step in, the seemingly unending futilities of life metamorphose into life, goodness, unending joy and godliness. The only advantage you can take of life is to genuinely yield to the invitation of the only begotten son of God and accept the course of the Kingdom as your primary and all-time business, for in it only lives eternal significance.

Don’t live through life with so much wisdom that at the end will occur to be nothing but sheer foolishness, step in and start the drive through this pathway of light and sweetness. I live daily through a passage laid with gold and beautiful stones with a covering of glory and beautiful rainbow. What exactly is the trend today? It is nothing but that which is omnipresent, the Holy Spirit is the trend. What qualifies a happening and makes it a trend is its wide range prevalence and presence; Salvation is to me the trend of our age and the vitality God worked out of Adam’s founded vanity.

😊 Smile, for there are beauties, reliefs, health and hopes in end time prophecies. You only can seize what you see 😜.

Yours in quest for Meaning
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