The rise of Kehinde Ogunsanya; Nigerian photographer cum podcaster

Kehinde Ogunsanya
Kehinde Ogunsanya

No one does it quite clean like Kehinde Ogunsanya. The Lagos born, Georgia based photographer cum podcaster knows exactly the business of serving your eyes and ears with adorable content. One half of a twin, Kehinde, in this exclusive interview with Preye Campbell, takes us down the path of self-discovery and his plans for success.

Read excerpts below;

Photographer and Podcaster, that’s a lot of potential in there. But first, how did you found those skills?

Well for me photography is more than just a skill; it is a passion that I have loved for nine years now. It has always been my go-to place when I need to comfort myself. I enjoy photography because it has given me the opportunity to share in people’s most special moments on a regular basis, like when I do a birthday shoot or a wedding shoot or any shoot in general. Photography allows me to capture memorable moments people don’t want to forget.

As for podcasting, I first started a YouTube channel with the aim of reaching out to people, but the irony of it was that I couldn’t get myself to talk in front of a camera. I have always been the guy behind the camera, so I decided to make it a vlog channel, so I wouldn’t talk too much. Shortly after, I figured it would be best to start a podcast where I had the freedom to air my opinions and reach out to people. So, podcasting is my second love and it has been a free space for me.

Do you find it easy to juggle both activities?

Yes, it is easy for me because I create time to do these things. I love that I am a person that lives on schedules, I make time for the things I love so that balances it out well.

What is your motivation?

Well, firstly I am my motivation. Life generally motivates me, the ability or zeal to want to do more and be better motivates me. Lastly, the sense of responsibility motivates me.

As a photographer, have you been exposed to any exhibition?

Yes but not for the sake of photography. It was basically for art.

What niche have you carved for your podcasts and why do you find such niche necessary?

I guess it’ll be lifestyle and relationships. I find it necessary because I like talking about my immediate environment, the experiences I’ve had, the books I’ve read, and getting other people’s opinions and just putting it out there for people who might need it.

What other activity do you perform aside photography and podcasting?

I like exploring places and vlogging it for my YouTube channel. I also have a blog on Instagram.

What’s Your Business Standard?

I try to meet the needs of my customers. I give them the opportunity to bring their ideas to life or make it a reality by the art of photography. Just dream it and I will make it a reality.

How long have you been working in Tbilisi and are your works embedded in your African roots?

I have been working for 5 years now. I will not say my works are embedded in my African roots for sure but I haven’t forgotten my heritage.

What is your innovative way of achieving success?

Well, I do a lot of research and self-training. No matter how difficult it gets, I never stop trying to do better or be better. Even when failure seems to be the trend, I still get up and continue until I reach that final goal.

Have you set an achievement ladder for yourself?

Yes. I’ll like to be on a radio show and own a photo studio. These are just some of the goals I’ve set for myself.

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