Teaching: Our divine pride! By Olansile Ajetunmobi Umar


    Teaching is one of the oldest professions, if not the oldest, in the history of mankind. From the first man, Adam, to the man who will be the last, teaching will continue to be an eraser of ignorance. Our Creator Himself was the first teacher; then, He passed on the baton to all His prophets. One way or the other, they all taught!

    Why then won’t I be proud of whom I am? Why then won’t I be happy when I see my students become not only bookworms, but also creators of ideas that solve the problems of generations of man?

    Why then won’t I be proud when my students later tell his or her colleagues, friends and neighbours, “This man taught me well that l can never forget him” ? Why then won’t I be proud when I see my students help and uplift my children later in life? They might say, “Your father was indeed a man!”

    Are you really proud of being a teacher? Or have you become a cheater?

    As today marks the World Teachers’ Day, I urge every teacher to be their students’ role models, teach students with passion and inculcate morals in them. Though, our salaries might still be meagre, we shall surely be rewarded here and there?

    Finally and most importantly, I appreciate all my teachers who took and still take the pains of taking me through western education, Islamic education, professional education, financial literacy, moral and social upbringing as well as real life enlightenment. You’re all dear to my heart. I say, “Namaste!”

    Olansile Ajetunmobi Umar (OAU). 5th October, 2018; 6:25p.m. – Ibadan, Oyo State.