Tanzanian police arrest Diamond Platnumz for posting ‘raunchy videos’ on social media


Tanzanian singer and dancer, Diamond Platnumz, has been arrested by the country’s authorities for sharing raunchy videos on social media.

The ‘Number One’ singer shared two videos on his Instagram page — one with the mother of his child, Hamisa Mobeto and another with an unidentified woman.

The footage in question involves the 28-year-old superstar kissing and caressing the unidentified woman and the other is of him sitting down on Hamisa Mobeto.

The arrest of Diamond Platnumz was confirmed by Harrison Mwakyembe, Tanzanian minister of communication, while speaking in parliament on Tuesday.

“There are some stars who keep posting uncouth content on social media and I’m proud to say yesterday we arrested Diamond Platnumz,” the minister said in Swahili.

Social media commentary suggests Diamond Platnumz shared the videos with the aim of spiting his ex-girlfriend, Zari Hassan.