Talking Sense to our Single Sisters VS Talking Sense to our Single Brothers – Episode 1


Àntí Ęléyinjú Ęgé mi òwón,

You are as pretty as nìnì is among its fellow reptilia kingdom; that’s been people’s compliments.

In fact, people still call you a gazelle while some say you are an inestimable priceless jewel! Who am I to dispute them ? After all, these praises have only opened the unclosed woody door of your heart to JUST three, four or five dudes of destined scrotums! How many is their body gan-an? Oniolónìyàn!
Pretty, don’t you think you are being unfair to him? The last time I asked you about that stylish bro you collaged with your pix, you told me he’s your brother. You said similar thing when I asked you the same thing about other bros too you photo-mixed on your DP. Even, the last one I asked about, you said he was your friend. 

But bae, when I asked two of these *bros,* they rejected you as their sis. In fact, they confided in me that you are the only thing they THINK ABOUT. Oh My God!
As your personal pezin, I think it’s time you stopped driving them crazy with this scrabbles of deceit and infatuation.

Stop confusing them with your beauty and feminine tricks! Don’t you think of the enmity you will cause if two of them later know each other and comprehend your game? You might not even be safe. Think about this!
Òrò mi ń tèsìwájú….
©Olansile Ajetunmobi Umar (OAU), 2017