Sunday Glamz


Good afternoon fam and Merry Sunday too!!! I hope you all attended your respective places of worship? I sure did and i had a wonderful experience in His presence..😊😊😊

I decided to go very simple in terms of make up, shoes, accessories (not like i have a flamboyant one)… and i liked the overall effect.. Not “all up in your business” ish and not too laid back either.

The Overall Look

For my makeup, i had to create a medium coverage look because my acne spots were just everywhere and i didn’t want them showing. As much as i absolutely love the harmattan weather, it really doesn’t do much for keeping my face less oily. I made a collage of my face before, during and after the two-hour church service.

Top Left: Make up free face; Bottom Left: Side view after two hours; Middle: Finished makeup look; Top Right: Front view after two hours; Bottom Right: Side view after two hours.

As you can see, my makeup was all blotchy. The shine from my bronzed nose bridge was gone and my face was generally a shiny plate. Although i didn’t use a primer and i didn’t dust loose powder onto my face before foundation, i just wanted you to see how oily my face can really get. I’d try a full coverage makeup look sometime soon and I’d also do the two-hour test to see how well my makeup survived without a touch up.

I achieved this look in thirty-five minutes. The tools and products used are as follows:

Spoolie brush, Eyeshadow brush, Foundation brush, Angled Blush brush, Powder brush, Angled Concealer brush, Fan brush, Mac Eyebrow Pencil in ’02’, Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream in ‘Medium’, LAcura lipstick in 1’08 rosewood’, Black Radiance Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer, Today Lipbalm, Frankbee Eyeshadow Palette, Nivea Aftershave balm in ‘Sensitive’, L.A. Pride Perfect Concealer in ‘Orange’, Beauty Island Lipstick in ‘Black Raspberry’, Classic Pressed Powder in ‘Medium’, L.A. Girl Bronzer in ’02’, Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in ‘355 Coconut’, Black Radiance True Complexion Under Eye Concealer in ‘CA8015′ and Black Opal Eyebrow Pencil in ’02’.

I like to use the Black Opal Eyebrow Pencil to define the outline of my eyebrows as it is in a darker shade and i use the MAC Eyebrow Pencil to fill in my eyebrows. It realise it gives my brows a more natural look. You may wonder why i use Nivea Aftershave balm as a makeup product. It contains an ingredient called “Glycerin” which provides a matte effect on the face. It really works for those who have oily skin but i advise that those who have dry skin steer clear of the product. I use it before applying foundation. I pour a little amount to the tips of my hands and i massage it in circular motions until it is fully absorbed into my skin.

That’s it for this Sunday Glamz.. Do have a splendid week.. Much love!!!



Anita is a budding activist. She’s most comfortable in a pair of tan shorts and an old blue jersey. Beans and plantains has literally stolen her heart but she gets to borrow it once in a while. She is a God lover and has a free spirit.