I stopped listening to people to reach where I am, says Davido


HKN artiste, Davido has said that in order to attain success in his career, he stopped listening to what people said.

The ‘Pere’ singer revealed this in an interview with Sound City recently while narrating his experiences during his ’30 Billion’ World Tour.

Talking about his much-criticized career, the artiste said he had to learn to pay no mind to what people said.

“Music is what I do normally so I don’t really pay mind to haters or critics. I try to exclude that out of whatever I’m planning or doing. You have to focus on what you’re doing and not care about what people say. That’s the first thing you have to learn to reach where I’ve reached in music. You have to learn not to listen to people,” he said.

The OBO crooner revealed that he pushes his frontiers when it comes to his career, venturing into aspects of it that most wouldn’t or have been denied of.

“A lot of venues we perform, they don’t give African artistes to do shows there,” he said “I think the venue in Boston, I was the first African artiste to perform there.”

He continued saying: “When we first brought the idea of the tour, a lot of people didn’t believe an African artiste can go to all these places. I was calling places people don’t even know about like Portland, Oregon.

“People don’t think there are black people there. Prove to them that this genre of music can move worldwide. If one artiste is doing it then imagine if three artistes come together to decide to do it.”

Regardless of his achievements, the artiste said the same can’t be necessarily expected of his peers.

“I can’t tell every other artiste to do that. They can go wherever they want to go to. I can’t tell you as an African artiste that you must stop here. Because it was successful for me doesn’t mean it will go that way for you,” he said.

His boisterousness whenever he was on the stage was a disposition of his gratitude for the sold out shows.

But for the star, the best achievement for him was “The experience. I learnt a lot being on the road, performance-wise.”

Davido toured over 30 cities for his ’30 Billion’ World Tour.

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