Staveley remain keen to Newcastle takeover


Businesswoman Amanda Staveley says she still wants to buy Newcastle United despite owner Mike Ashley ending £250m takeover talks this week.

Staveley’s efforts to purchase Newcastle United have not come to an end and her £250m bid to buy the club still intact.
Staveley’s PCP Capital Partners spokesman has confirmed their offer has not been rescinded and they still believe they can agree a deal with Mike Ashley to take control of the club.

“Deals like this are notoriously difficult to negotiate,” said the spokesman.

“The offer remains in place. If Mike changes his mind, our deal will still be available to him.”

Ashley said in October he wanted to sell the club after 10 years in charge.

Staveley still hopeful the bid can still be done as long as she’s not giving up her interest “I’m very much still interested, Our bid remains on the table”.

“This is an investment, but it has to be a long-term investment. Newcastle would be run as a business, but we want it to be a successful, thriving business that is an absolutely integral part of the city.”

She also added that manager Rafael Benitez was fundamental to her bid, adding: “Rafa is doing an incredible job. We want Rafa to be part of this project”.

It made a formal offer for the club in November which, it is understood, could have eventually risen to £300m if certain targets were met.