Some parents are stupid! By Afeez Shittu


Our general perception about education in the African society is lost. Moral lessons are thrown aboard. Parents of those days are seriously needed because the future is blurry and maybe a review of what should be considered ‘education’ should be talked about.

During the early and late 90s, I can still remember what our parents categorizes as education. First, it starts from moral lessons; next is the the formal education which is acquired either in the four corners of a classroom or learning a trade.

In the 90s, acquiring any of these forms of education lays in the hands of the parents, the parent decide which child furthers in formal education and who will learn a trade or craft depending on choice of the child and financial capability of the parents.

Surprisingly, the generation we found ourselves is one that exposes their wards to immoralities that certainly damages their future.

I’ve taken a cursory look at teenagers and young adults in higher institutions these days, especially the females; I simply conclude that their parents are “stupid.”

Do not sweat further because there are reasons for my submission. Just in the name of formal education, these growing adults are exposed to several social vices because their parents out of stupidity cannot afford their education expenses.

Some of them.have ventured into prostitution at tender age so as to fend for themselves; some, Internet fraud while some rob to pay for school fees.

My question goes thus, what is your definition of education? Must your ward go to school at all cost? Are these parents aware of their wards activities in school because these days, many young people gain admission into the higher institutions at a tender age unlike those days where you hardly find teenagers in a University or Polytechnic, likewise Colleges of Education.

Similarly, most of these young adults lack discipline, and moral lessons which are the basis for a child before going to the higher institution; all courtesy of the stupid parents.

The educational system has gone bad that young people who come into the system are those who are not matured enough to withstand pressure.

Some parents even go as far as avoiding their wards because they cannot afford two semesters tuition fees. A Polytechnic student (name and institution withheld) during an interview told that “I’ve not paid my school fees for two semesters now because my father’s job is seasonal and currently, he has not been receiving my calls and my mother told me to continue to manage even as they did not send me money for upkeep.”

Parents are therefore advised to take the bull by the horn when it comes to their wards future, education in the four corners of the classroom isn’t a must, a host of skills accusation activities that are less expensive are out there for youths whose parents are not capable to venture into.

Parents should decide for their wards at crucial points for children’s failure will be blamed on the parents where experience counts.

Parents should however make sure they know vacation periods of their children and ensure they come home for proper assessment.

Parents should also give attention to their wards especially at trying times, who knows? They might want to share a bitter experience in school thus, in need of a parental advise.