COVID-19- Why Oyo overtakes Lagos: Chronicles of Ibadan Market Women

Chronicles of Ibadan Market Women

By Aderemi Moruff

Since the first quarter of the year 2020, Covid-19 has held the world hostage. Businesses no longer thrive like before, economy has been crippled, many have dropped dead and healths deteriorated.

To believe that the virus isn’t real is the peak of ignorance ever existed. We’ve seen powerful countries almost tearing apart. High profiled Individuals have lost the battle.

However, many kudos to various health care bodies especially the WHO for their struggles against the deadly virus. It will however be disheartening to see some states frustrating the efforts of these bodies by violating the laid down rules to fighting the pandemic. Out of research, we are to sanitise regularly, maintain social distancing among others to prevent the spread of the disease.

In Nigeria, Ibadan has overtaken Lagos in number of people with Covid-19. Little was I surprised because market women never believed in the existence of the disease, they go about their businesses as usual. One might not be outrightly wrong to have said market women are the agents escalating COVID-19.

At Bodija for instance, the influx of people never reduced, maybe this is due to the mercy eye of the State’s Governor not to force a total lockdown on them. Other popular markets like Oja’ba, Ogunpa also follow suit; no observation of any protective measure.

Individuals around these places are therefore hinted to be careful in their daily activities.