Semiu Okanlawon @ 50:  The beginning of an era


It seems as if Mahatma Ghandi had Hon Semiu Okanlawon in mind while postulating that “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”. Ghandi, a democrat and advocate of non violence believes in positive change in peace.

Today, Iwo is set to be agog as men from all walks of life will converge to celebrate an illustrious son of the city, Hon. Semiu Okanlawon fondly called ” SOK” by friends and associates.

The celebrant needs no introduction, he has countless exploits in ethical journalism and balanced reporting, having debut in his avowed profession during the period when Nigeria was a pariah state among the comity of nations and when the dark-goggled military helmsman held sway as the Nigerian ruler on our political landscape yet the young SOk trode the much feared untrodden path, evidence of this manifests itself today in a book titled “Letters from the Streets”, a compilation of his exploits as an editor in Guardian newspapers.

Let it be known that SOK through the instrumentality of the pen can be aptly called a social crusader, having used same to achieve social justice thus giving meaning to the Press as the fourth estate of the realm.

Let it be also known that SOK debuts in journalism when the whole world believes in the Nigerian Press as the only messiah that can rescue our political fabric from the seemingly cultural infestation of the ” Zombies”…with much respect to immortal Fela Anikulapo.

Let it be known that today’s birthday celebration is not another jamboree typical of the Nigerian political elite, rather it is a much awaited and needed forum for brainstorming on the state of our national lives, the testimony of this is in a learned treatise captioned “The New Age, the New Ideas and the New New Thinking in the Nigerian Affairs” to be delivered by the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of the State of Osun, Dr. Ajibola Basiru.

Fatiullah Tiamiyu Adegoke, a barrister at law, is the Personal Assistant to the Special Adviser to Governor Aregbesola on Information and Strategy.