Say No To Suicide by Adenike Gracie


Those who committed suicide must have had chunk of pain, grilled with guilt and sauced with hurting words from people around.

Also, being engrossed in social media, taking negativity from friends’ glamorous posts and pictures; forgetting that people show the good side of their lives online, could have contributed to not loving their lives. And then, they stopped loving themselves and thereby stopped seeing anything good coming out of their lives.

If all you need to do is cry, please do! Rather than committing suicide. You can always cry yourself to sleep but not to death or sickness or hurting your eyes. Let the liquid rush out of your eyes once in a while just like a flowing river. Even Jesus wept. You can scream as well just do not let it affect people around and do not crack your voice😁 crazy, aint it?

You can have a cold or warm shower as the case may be. And if you think telling someone your ordeal is good for you, please do! Do that not because you need the person to solve the problem immediately but because you just need to let it all out.

One good thing you’ll have to do is #FLY. Yes, #FirstLoveYourself. When you #FLY, you’ll say good words to yourself and begin to see good things coming out of your life. And take meaningful actions towards the good things you see. Do not settle for less. Pray to God to help you love yourself and take reasonable actions towards the good you see in yourself.

And most importantly, Do not give up on yourself- the best version of you is undergoing some processes.



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