Rational Thoughts on Godfatherism in Nigeria Politics


By Sadiq Kayode Yussuf

If every Nigerian State have a Tinubu kind of leader and all states are at least of Lagos standard.
Will you sincerely want a change or consolidate? Yes, change is constant, You’re a Nigerian. We mostly follow crowd. It’s not totally bad to follow majority, provided they’re heading right direction…

Politically, Every community don’t need change in government, some only need consolidation/improvement on their established system. Lagos have largely benefit from regula/constant political policies since 4th repubic

I repeat, don’t follow crowd irrationally. The state they chant “O to ge” on their leader(s) isn’t of same developmental status like where they sing “O tun ya”.

Know your State’s status and work around it. Avoid to follow a trend you might regret or never have good reason to follow. Void hate movement

So, I wish our dear OYO state the best as we go to decide, soon.

God bless Lagos and other Nigeria States.

Sadiq Kayode Yussuf is a Media expert, Writer, Teacher, Activist and Politic Analyst.