Quick money: A menace or blessing? By Ojo Oluwaseun Olamilekan


In recent time, the idea of making fast money at the exchange of a token has become a household activity amongst Nigerians. The desire to win jackpots of monies has outgrown the fear of losing fortunes in bits and as a result the rate at which various outlets such as sporting bets centres and lottery have flooded the country keeps increasing on daily basis is worrisome.
Over the past years, only a large number of artisans are seen in the nooks and crannies of lottery outlets with their books and pens and could easily be mistaken for a secondary school student. This category of individual were labelled as lazy and irresponsible based on the notion that lottery is also a gambling in disguise. Our societal values and principles were strictly adhered to and anyone doing contrary could easily be termed a ‘deviant’. It is quite unfortunate that what we have today is the direct- reversal.It is quite disheartening that parents who should be the core agent of instilling morals now meticulously keep betting slips than they keep their academic certificates and their wards. The motto has been ‘making monies is all that matter.’

Funny enough, white collar jobbers and clerics are not exempted from the infestation and could be seen in various betting outfits struggling for space amongst the crowd to stake their monies during lunch and closing hour. The advance in technology has aided the movement and as such individuals could play their games within the four walls of their rooms. What a syndrome!
The cost of staking bets has as well pronounced the syndrome more amongst the youths. For example with a Hundred Naira you can win thousands of naira as long as your predictions are right. Although, the buoyant ones among them could stake a bet with monies higher than a thousand to increase their chances of winning more money. Succinctly, it is the more your stake, the higher your chances.

Another important factor that has contributed to this syndrome is the increase in the level of employed workforce apparent in the country. Rather than sitting at home doing nothing or visiting vendor stands on the look-out for a job vacancy that is not forthcoming,youths spend these moments at betting outlets staking just a token for thousands and millions of naira. Interestingly, many have embraced it as a source of livelihood and losing the much enormous desire of getting a white collar job. Hence, gambling as advancedly know as ‘betting’ has been a blessing to homes and many lives.

In spite of all these; provision of business and employment opportunity, provision of funds for starting up a business, a source of livelihood for single and married, relieving the government of the enormous task of providing job opportunities, the dangers posed by this syndrome is notable. It is gathered an employee of betting outlet earns about #12,000 – #15,000 aside the #1,200 -#3,000 daily profits accumulated from the profits of bet players.
Firstly, quick money’ activity has rendered the educational system of the country useless. Since, many hold the opinion that, getting a job offer is determined by who you know factor. The result is negligence and boycotting of school works for shortcut cursus to the world of quick money.Well, what else can one expect from a youths who are relinquishing to make the same mistake made by their elderly ones who are still hunting for jobs.
In addition, it is undisputable that few have succeeded from the proceeds of sporting bets but many who have succeeded have returned to the zero level due to greed. Most victims do end up paying debts with their gadget, accessories, phones they bought with their betting earnings. There are cases of individuals parting with their clothes, shoes, belts, necklace once they have gone bankrupt.Succintly, the greediness amongst Nigerians is on the increase.

In conclusion, an axiom opines that ‘too much of everything, is bad.’ Therefore, individuals should endeavour that a game remains a game and not a job. And should only be a second fiddle activity which should be done during leisure hours.
Government on their parts should endeavour to create more job opportunities for the masses in order to promote the purpose for which education serves. Parents as well, should ensure that they serve as a role model for their wards and should properly monitor their wards activities.With all these in place, it is win-win situation for Quick Money Outfits and Its Players.

Ojo Oluwaseun Olamilekan is a skilled media graduate and Graphics Designer. He can reached through this email – olamilekanseun7@gmail.com