Product Review | Sweetnessbeautyhouseandspa Baby Face Cream

Sweetnessbeautyhouseandspa Baby Face Cream

Hiii fam! Howdy?? I’m great! Been a bit stressed with work resumption and all but it’s going smoothly now. I’m thankful to God and all.

Today, I’m a reviewing a face cream from Sweetness Beauty House and Spa. Sweetness Beauty House and Spa specialises in organic products, facials, manicures, pedicures, make up artistry, spa, etc. It’s located in Akure and owned by Mrs. Oyedola, a young, talented and thriving entrepreneur.

The facial product on review is Sweetnessbeautyhouseandspa Baby Face Cream. According to the description, it is designed to make the face softer & also gives the skin the smootheness it deserves.

One thing i liked was the fact that Sweetness Beauty House and Spa’s products are shipped all over Nigeria so i was able to get this product shipped to me even in the remote area i currently am. It was also worth the price.

The Baby Face cream comes in a small container. It is a watery and mostly pink. It also has a very nice fragrance. It has a slightly rough texture but it blended well when i rubbed it on my palms.

I used this product day and night for almost two months and i must say that my face really felt like a baby’s own. I had smoother skin and my acne scars faded considerably. I also had no reactions whatsoever to the product. I’m really particular about products i use on my face due to it’s sensitive nature but i really give this Baby Face Cream a thumbs up.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a cream to make the face smooth and fade acne scars. Look up Sweetnessbeautyhouseandspa on Facebook and Mrs O. will hook you up wherever you are in Nigeria. Ta-ra!