PHOTOS: Meet Jonathan Ijiade, fitness model who sent 100k to student asking Hushpuppi for help


South Africa based Nigerian, Jonathan Ijiade was the stranger who helped a Nigerian student that asked Hushpuppi for N100k for her school.

TRN reports that after Malaysia-based Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi spent close to N6m on drinks, a Nigerian lady, Nnana Aishat Twain saw the story of his spending N3.3m on drinks solicited for her help, asking for 100k to pay her school fee.

Aishat dropped a comment on the post saying she doesn’t need millions just the sum of N100, 000 to help her pay for catering school, out-of-nowhere another man named Jonathan Ijiada offer to help instead.

Jonathan wrote ‘“Please kindly inbox me your account details ma! By the grace of God Almight you will have the 100k you needed for the registration in your account by tomorrow. God Bless you & Best of Luck”.
Jonathan is a Fitness Male Model and also a Nutritionist, Aspiring to be an Actor, who hailed from Oyo State,Ibadan. He an Expert in Boxing. A Bodybuilder second with a large physique. An Entertainer. Athletic and a Troublemaker. 

A University Degree Holder In Accounting. He said to have chosen a different path from what he learnt in school and he has been making waves all around ever since.


He did work with neighboring countries like Exapo Models Ghana and have been privileged to work with Natalie Model Management, Singapore. He has worked for YSL Clothing’s,He Showcased on Southern African Countries TV’s.


He was also show-cased on MIND-HEALTH Magazine,Prints and Catalog Shoots as well as participating in few Flexible Fitness Competitions outside his country.