Paris Police dismisses rape allegations leveled against Chris Brown


American pop singer, Chris Brown has been let go from police custody and will not face any charges after he was arrested and detained on a rape allegation.

Brown and two others, believed to be his friend and a bodyguard were arrested Tuesday in Paris on allegations of aggravated rape and drug violations.

Police in Paris found Chris Brown‘s rape accuser’s story almost impossible to believe and had to let the American singer go free without any charges, TMZ reports.

According to what a source directly connected to the case revealed, “The weakest part of the case is the alleged victim’s statement to police.”

The sources said Brown’s accuser told cops that the popstar raped her in his hotel suite dressing room for about 30 minutes before she was taken into another room and was raped again, this time by one of his friends. She further claimed to be “abused” for the third time in another room.

TMZ reports that the police believe the story doesn’t hold water because the alleged victim never attempted to leave or alert anyone.

Therefore the police made the decision to release Brown without any conditions, including surrendering his passport. The police actually apologized to Brown when they let him go, a source close to Brown says.

The singer has since returned back to the same hotel, apparently without fear he’ll be arrested again even as the investigation is still ongoing. He was also seen in public, proclaiming his love for everyone.

One Brown source said, “An innocent man shouldn’t be worried about staying at a place where he didn’t commit a crime.”