Our love for them isn’t food and water alone…. 


” Children need love, especially when they don’t deserve it-” HAROLD HULBERT
Violence against children of different ages has become widespread in our society. In some climes, some body parts of children are chopped off because they are albinos. In other places, young girls are sent out of their parents’ homes because they are accused of witchcraft. In fact, some parents or guardians have been caught in the act of sending away their daughters of ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen to someone in another city to serve as “omo odo.” These young girls are tortured and maltreated ; their self-esteem and confidence begin to leave them gradually; their future is jeopardised. Anyone who does any of these devilish act has definitely violated the rights of children who are expected to be the brighter leaders of tomorrow.
Our children need more than food and water from us. Our children need our care, love and passion. Our children need us to always defend them against injustice, sexual abuse, bully, domestic violence and other external vices that might demean their personalities. When we love our children, we won’t send them away from our homes on a fruitless journey. When we love our children, we won’t stigmatise them because they are albinos or deformed beings. When we love our children, we will treat them well, nurture them well and teach them not to be violent.
To show how important children are to the state government of Osun made the present administration to continue to support our parents with Osun free feeding system. The nutritional value of the food we serve these children of ours testify to the fact that the government of Osun is a lover of children that abhors violence of any sort against them.
As today marks the International Day of Non-Violence against Children, I, Hajia Latifat Giwa, Honourable Commissioner for Women and Children Affairs, charge all parents and guardians to please stop any form of violence against these innocent children. Indeed, they are the leaders of tomorrow ; let’s stop altering their tomorrow with psychological and emotional torture.
Therefore, I use this opportunity to emphasize that Osun State government, through this ministry, will continue to sensitize, educate and enlighten the public on the best ways of treating our children. We believe this is one of the ways we can adopt to stop violence against children.
Osun to ti n dara koni baje oo….