Osun Commissioner advocates sound education for female children


The Osun State commissioner for women and children affairs, Hajia Latifat Giwa, has called on parents and guardians to ensure that sound education becomes the topmost priority they give to their female children, as that is one of the fundamental ways of saving their future.
The commissioner gave this advice at Osogbo High School while delivering her keynote address in commemoration of the 2017 International Day of Girl Child, organised by Save Youth Initiative.
Hajia Giwa lamented the stereotype which the society has attached to the female children. According to her, this stereotype has done a great harm on female children and as well forced many girl children into prostitution, child marriages, begging and low self-confidence. She stated :
“Our girl children deserve the best of education. It’s when we educate them that they feel proud to become what the desire to become in life, with the help of God.

Our girl children must at all cost be protected from forced marriages. Forced marriages destroy the bright future of our girl children. At childbirth, they pass through terrible pains. These pains lead to Vagina Fistula and different forms of post-natal inflections. As such, their promising future begins to crash and crumble in their faces. When they don’t get adequate care, some resort to begging while some go on a journey of no return. We can all stop these from happening just by protecting the rights of girl children!
Our girls don’t deserve to be trafficked, whether for prostitution or housemaid jobs. Poverty should never be an excuse for any parent or guardian to traffic her girl child. It’s only cruelty and wickedness that lead to trafficking.

It’s our duty to put a stop to girl child trafficking. It’s our duty to relieve these girl children of their suffering boldly written on their faces. It’s our duty to put a stop to and sanction those who operate baby factories all because of money. It’s our duty to protect the rights of our girl children by every means possible.”

The commissioner therefore called on all and sundry to ensure that all hands are on deck with a view to protecting the fundamental rights of girl children which include sound education, healthy system and healthy living. She described them as future wives, mothers, professionals, business women, artisans and experts.
This year’s celebration was attended by students, members of Save Youth Initiative and dignitaries from different walks of life.