A New Nigeria: Hope of 2031 By Emmanuel Osele George


In 2016, I got the copyright of a book, titled, Change: A Revolution of the Mind: I had ever since subjected it to criticisms and the feed backs I got are panning towards the same direction of timely pose for a new Nigeria, birthed from revolutionised mind, hence the decision to release it.

Note: decisions have been made to give it out for free. It is practically opinionated submission and a guide to a new Nigeria.

Whether you concur or not, the destiny of this country lies in the political powers that control control her affairs. Before you iconoclastically conceive my statement, let me inform you that I believe the place of God in the destiny of this nation(s) and the principle of divine intervention.

Let see this: check your prayer list, I mean your prayer requests; over 80% are solely government responsibilities. But the society has tilted our mind towards asking God what we supposed to ask the government.

A new Nigeria will emerge, and this old one will pass away; not in a twinkling of an eye but with time. Yes, this generation of grandpas of no prescience will pass away soon. We have been inflicted enough, we had suffered enough, we had smelt the honey and ate biles enough!

Twelve years time, this their rulership recycling system will become a curse and freedom we hit this land… And the old (political) architectural structures will be demolished; world would see it. The major gladiators would be found nowhere…

By 2023, expect another dimension of the game. It would be revolutionary but it will not see the light. The same recyclers would be in control and the youthful youths would feel cheated, while the unyouthful youths, would help the old recyclers execute their genocidal agenda…

By 2027, this will be a second term bid for whoever, the young ones will still not succeed to assume the place of power, I mean power. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this currently ripped generation has the ingredients for the new Nigeria, no: They are generation of diseased mind. Until we release our minds for clean up. The generation that would emerge in 2031 would pave way for the ready-made generations.

Those, so called youths, who contested this 2019 elections are not strategically ripe, I think. The youths, even their followers are not confident to entrust the future in thier hands, especially, the ones you know.

Who will do it?
They will definitely emerge…

Like I had always said: a new Nigeria is not sooner than later, but later than sooner.

Emmanuel Osele George is PR expert, Counselor, Poet, Writer, Teacher and an Author of ’10 Reasons why Success is a Must’ and can be reached through this link