National Boyfriend’s Day 2018: Five Ways Boyfriends Make Your Life Beautiful (For Ladies)


Hey ladies! It is National Boyfriend’s day today. Even as a guy I almost forgot that and none of my girlfriends seem to have forgotten too, exaggeration intended.

Celebrated on 3rd of October annually. A day that has been dedicated to the fantastic boyfriends like us across the world. And why not! We (except Yoruba Demons and SBA members) deserve their fair share of appreciation, love and yes, a day dedicated to them for all that we do for our girlfriends.

However, while I believe materialistic gifts have their own importance, this day you might also want to have a real conversation with your dude expressing what makes them so special and why you love to spend time with them. A few ideas also include watching sports together, going on a hike, buying flowers, watching a favorite movie or TV show, having a Netflix marathon, buying presents and planning a fun date or dinner together, all bills on ladies sha,….lol.

In addition, 12 percent of people surveyed reportedly plan to propose on the day.

Some plan to celebrate the occasion in a special way, with cooking dinner, planning a memorable date and giving gifts being the most common ways to celebrate the day.

And before you say anything, girls, let’s collectively agree that there are a few things that the boyfriends do that we love to the core! A few qualities for which we wouldn’t trade them for the world!!! While I am not disagreeing that they sometimes do become a pain in the a** but this national boyfriend day let’s celebrate the wonderful things about them. Here are 5 such things.

1. When he hugs you after a long tiring day- Don’t tell me that his hug doesn’t melt you in a minute after you’ve had a tough day at work. Nothing can match the power of that hug. Erm… maybe a pizza along with it! But you must have felt the hug heavenly, isn’t it?

2. When he places a peck on your cheek in front of your friends just randomly. Oh! I can’t explain that happiness. That validation, I believe is important. What do you about say?

3. Remember, when he had you your back when you were in a pickle? Be it in front of a crowd or just when you were alone and sad, when he says I am there with you and the day suddenly becomes a lot better? Yeah, that feeling is incredible.When he reminds you that you look pretty even when you think you don’t. he just says exactly what you want to hear, the feeling is incomparable.

4. When he reminds you that you look pretty even when you think you don’t. he just says exactly what you want to hear, the feeling is incomparable.

5. When he empowers you. The most important thing. No matter how much we fight them, a good boyfriend does play an important role in empowering the woman in his life. It’s not always a woman behind a man’s successes, many times it is vice-versa.

While these are specifically my views and what I read online on the best things about having a boyfriend apart from…ummm, you know nah, ain’t saying that sh**t …the unlimited comfy hoodies and loose tees to steal, gobbling away all his fries when you said you didn’t want any, warming your cold feet on his body, and being able to throw tantrums at him when you’re sad! Let me also know about what are the best things about having a boyfriend, I am waiting!