Locs Lenght Check


Hiii fam! Welcome to March too!! I pray for a blessed month ahead of us all.. Soo I decided to start locs last year May but due to not finding the right loticician, i put it on hold till September. I had my locs installed on the 8th of September, 2017 and my locs are currently 5 months old.

Top View of my Locs

I currently have about 3-5 inches of locs now. That means that about an average of 0.6-1 inch of hair lenght was loc’d in a month.

Lenght check

I couldn’t really get the full lenght of this particular loc’d hair on camera but it’s 5 inches loc’d. I’m currently at the teenage stage of locs where tge locs are intertwining and are mostly fat and frizzy rather than long. I’m glad though because it’s progressing quite beautifully.

I’m learning how to embrace my hair just how it is right now. There are smooth days when all edges and locs are on fleek and there are days when it seems like i haven’t had a retwist in years but all in all, i project beautiful through and through. Ta-ra!