Like Buhari, like Seyi By Emmanuel Osele George

    Ajimobi and Makinde
    Ajimobi and Makinde

    Note: I am not on the payroll of any politician in Nigeria and I am not a card-bearer of any political party, for now. Therefore, read with a civil mind.

    There is no national or religious law that constrain your opinions to the conformity of everyone’s on earth. Individual perspectives matter and it should not be downcast, rather counter with utmost respect and ‘civility’.

    People’s unnoticed public incautiousness is attacking people who, probably, hold an opposing opinion with theirs. It’s another ‘sorry’ level of intelligence to think that your opinion is the best while others’ should be trashed. On politics, everybody has personal interests and personalities which/who could be inspirers or models and these do not necessarily need to be conformed with yours – that doesn’t make theirs wrong and yours right. Be civil. Thousands of people contesting would have supporters, loyalists and mere admirers which no ‘Court of Morals’ would sentence for admiring a candidate of their choice.

    In 2015, like a plague, sympathy spread all over the country, just for one course – agitation for a new government. Only those who has retentive mind would remember how tense situation was during that period. There were series of prophecies, predictions and insinuations about war in Nigeria – thank God it was all put to nought.

    People just wanted PDP out the system at all costs. They wanted the Messiah who would deliver them from what to what […]. Sincerely, aside some effects of politicking, people voted sympathetically for PMB and he won honourably, ditto all other APC candidates, whether good or bad, rode to victory on the wings of Messiah Buhari – Sai Baba!

    Footprints in Oyo

    The invocation of sympathy during the electioneering process in Ọ̀yọ́ was a clear indication of 2015 replicate. People voted and their votes count. It was not a magical victory, afterall, politics is a game of one winner many losers. The election and victories were condimented with social media lampoons and jests which was what made it amusing and interesting to observers like me.
    Should we expect the verisimilitude of PMB first four years in Ọ̀yọ́ or we should just wait and see what sympathy votes produce? Don’t doubt GSM, he has workable plans for Ọ̀yọ́ and we will live to see a new Ọ̀yọ́, flourishing and overtaking other states in Nigeria, like Lagos and Kano.

    As I rest pen, let me appeal to us all: this government deserves our utmost supports and prayers.

    Long live Ìbàdàn
    Long live Ọ̀yọ́ State
    Long live Nigeria

    Emmanuel Osele George is PR expert, Counselor, Poet, Writer, Teacher and an Author of ’10 Reasons why Success is a Must’ and can be reached through this mail –