Ladies! Various things to do with a naked man


It’s a long weekend, now that the Federal Government has declared Monday and Tuesday public holiday, in celebration of the Eid-el-Fitri.

Of course, it’s time to wind down completely and have fun. And if sex happens to be one of the to-do things, the better!

Now, men love to get cozy on such occasions, especially if the children opt to go celebrate with friends and families, leaving you guys alone for the weekend.

So, what to do if your man chooses to go about the house in his … er … birthday suit? Here are a few suggestions!

• Get naked too!

• As a starter, have a quickie, then relax. The day is still young, isn’t it?

• Have him hold you against the wall, with your legs wrapped around him, and let things take off, naturally.

• Take a ride — on top of him, that is.

• Take a shower together, if that serves as a starter!

• Try 77 position. Here, you and your partner’s bodies meld together in a side-to-side entry position, making for deep penetration.

• Move outside the bedroom and get to work on a table, hood of a car in the garage, etc.

• Have him dance for you! Yes, while naked.

• Kiss and lick your way down his torso, stopping short of his manhood; then stop. Go make yourself some drink, sandwich or toast. That leaves him panting, begging you to come back to work!

• Ask him to do some yoga, then watch the angles as he stretches!

• You are both naked, right? Just hang on and watch TV together!

• Cook dinner together. Yes, while still naked!

• Give each other nude massage.

• Tell what you really think about his biceps, butts, etc. Make it complimentary, no criticisms!

• Let him tell you exactly how he wants you to handle him.

• Refresh him by telling him you need the second round!

Happy holidays!